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How Do Hotels Manage Costs? -Hanbi Textile

  1. 1. Hotel cost control is the work of keeping costs within budget estimates.

  2. Actual costs are detected against estimates, actual or potential deviations are flagged, forecasts are prepared and actions are taken to keep costs in line with targets. mainly include:

(1) Supervise the implementation of costs and discover deviations between actual costs and plans;

(2) Include some reasonable changes in the benchmark cost;

(3) Prevent incorrect, unreasonable, and unauthorized changes from being included in the benchmark cost;

(4) Notify the parties involved in the project of reasonable changes. In cost control, it must also be combined with its scope control, schedule control, and quality control.

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2. The importance of hotel cost control

(1) Hotel cost control is the fundamental way for enterprises to increase profits.

In any case, reducing costs can increase profits. Save a penny, that is, create a penny profit.

(2) Hotel cost control is the main guarantee for resisting internal and external pressures and seeking survival.

Outside the hotel, there are unfavorable factors such as horizontal competition, government taxation and the reversal of the economic environment, and there are pressures from employees to improve treatment and shareholders to demand dividends. The weapons used by enterprises to resist internal and external pressure are mainly to reduce costs and improve service quality.

The price reduction business war is actually a kind of efficiency competition. On the surface, it is a price competition, but in fact it is a cost competition, and it is a competition of the comprehensive strength of the hotel. Survival of the fittest in the price-cutting business war, realize the optimal allocation of social resources, and promote the transformation of the economic growth mode of the hotel industry. The practice of many hotels shows that strengthening cost control is an effective way to improve the hotel's survivability and development.

(3) Hotel cost control is the foundation of enterprise development.

The operating cost of the hotel is low, the price can be reduced and sales can be expanded, and the operating foundation is consolidated, so that there is strength and capital to improve the quality of the hotel's software and hardware products, to expand the development of stores, and to promote the development of the chain.

(4) Hotel cost control is an important manifestation of hotel management level.

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3. Several important aspects of hotel cost control

1- Advocacy of cost control for all staff

(1) Brainstorming

(2) Incentive mechanism (ranking)

(3) Cultivate customers' cost awareness

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2- Purchase - warehouse management control

(1) Hotel control the purchase price.

For the purchase of goods, you must choose a supplier with reliable reputation and guaranteed quality, preferably with a certain scale of operation. You must choose more than three suppliers for comparison. If the quality and specifications are the same, choose the cheapest supplier.

(2) Hotel quality control of incoming goods

According to the needs of the store, the supplier is required to deliver to the door within the specified time. After the purchase, the quality, quantity or weight of the item must be strictly checked according to the category of the item to avoid wasting money.

(3) Hotel reasonable allocation of inventory

In order to ensure the needs of hotel operation, according to the actual situation such as the size of the warehouse of each hotel, reasonably allocate inventory, prevent inventory overstock and affect the flow of funds, adhere to the principle of first-in, first-out, avoid food expiration and other waste, and save money.

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(4) Hotel storage quality and safety

The warehouse should be moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, mildew-proof, damage-proof, and anti-deterioration-proof according to the storage requirements of different items.

(5) Hotel regular inventory, the accounts are consistent

A detailed ledger should be set up for various items, and the income, issuance, and balance should be registered and recorded on time. At the same time, regular inspections should be carried out to verify current accounts, and regular warehouse inspections should be carried out to ensure that accounts, registration cards, materials and funds are consistent with each other. The flow and turnover of warehouse items are very busy. According to the actual usage of various items in the hotel during the off-peak and peak seasons, it is necessary to check the storage quantity of the items frequently to prevent unnecessary losses.


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