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Hotel Linen Maintenance Common Sense

1. How to avoid hotel linen damage?

(1) Correctly use detergents for hotel linens, master the reasonable feeding time and temperature, understand the basic characteristics and usage methods of detergents, and avoid direct contact of cotton fabrics with strongly acidic or corrosive chemicals.

(2) The hotel linen should be sorted before washing, including the sorting of hotel linen types and the separation of sundries.

(3) Check the machine frequently. Care should be taken in the collection and transportation of hotel linen to prevent secondary pollution and man-made damage. The loading amount should be appropriate (80%~85%) during washing. Too much or too little washing of hotel linen Clarity and wear have an impact. Empty machine checks whether there are sharp and iron impurities remaining in the drum of the machine.

(4) Do a good job in the classification of new and old hotel linen, the natural damage and abnormal damage of the old linen should be treated differently, and the length of dehydration time should be different for different strengths of the old and new linen.

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2. Purchase of hotel linen

(1) Requirements for hotel linen procurement:

For the purchase of hotel linen fabrics, it is necessary to clearly formulate a sufficient average consumption level, understand the situation that will occur during the turnover process of the linen, and determine the quality requirements of the purchased items. Determining the average amount of linen used in the guest room and dining sector is a simple matter of arithmetic.

For hotel linen used in guest rooms, the total number of guest rooms, the configuration of bed types, the forecasted room occupancy rate in the next year, and the average double room occupancy rate should be considered.

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(2) The calculation formula of hotel guest room cotton fabric is:

When calculating the amount of cotton in the guest room, you must first clarify the star standard of your hotel, the rationed quantity of various types of cotton in the hotel room, and the standard weight of the cotton. The star rating of the hotel is different, and the ration number of cotton fabrics is also different. Here, according to the general calculation, the ration number of star-rated hotels and the internationally accepted cotton fabric quantity and weight standards are as follows:

Item Name

General ration quantity

International cotton fabric weight

Gross weight

Quantity of linen per room: 7 towels, 4 sheets, 4 pillowcases or 4 pillows

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