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How To Remove Drag Marks From Hotel Linen? -Hanbi Textile

1. Characteristics of the formation of drag marks

To remove drag marks safely and quickly, you must first understand how the drag marks are formed. Generally, drag marks will be formed in the following situations:

(1) The hotel linen (sheets, quilt covers, pillow bags, etc.) is dragged on the floor.

(2) When the hotel linen is piled on the hard floor (marble, tile, etc.), it is stepped on by the staff or rolled by the linen cart.

(3) Staff use linen to wipe items (such as desktops, ashtrays, etc.) when cleaning.

By analyzing the formation of drag marks, it will be found that they have two common characteristics, one is that the linen is relatively dry when the drag marks are formed; the other is that the linen has strong friction with other objects when the drag marks are formed.

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2. The reason why the drag marks are difficult to remove

In physics class, we talked about the generation of static electricity. In one experiment, the friction between a glass rod and silk produces a positive charge. Another experiment is that the friction between a rubber rod and fur will produce a negative charge. From the above two experiments, we can know that friction will produce an electric charge.

In the process of drag marks, a large amount of electric charge is generated when the linen rubs against the floor, soles, and objects. Generally, particles of dust and dirt carry a certain amount of electrical charge. When there is no friction, these particles are simply attached to the surface of the linen, and after friction, a large amount of electric charge will be generated on the surface of the fabric fibers.

Due to the opposite polarity between the charges on the fiber surface and the charges carried by dust and dirt particles, there will be a strong attraction, just like the positive and negative poles of a magnet attract each other. It is this attraction that causes the particles of dust and dirt to stick to the surface of the fabric fibers, making them very difficult to remove. Also, the drier the fabric surface, the more charges the friction creates, and the greater the attraction between the charges.

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3. The principle of removing drag marks from hotel linen

To remove dust and dirt particles, the electric charge attraction between them and the fabric fibers must first be destroyed. After the attraction is destroyed, the relationship between the dust and dirt particles and the fiber surface will revert to a simple attachment relationship, which can be easily removed.

To break the attraction between positive and negative charges, the charge attraction between dust and dirt particles must be broken with more ionically active substances. For example: For example, the particles of dirt carry a positive charge, and the surface of the fiber carries a negative charge. The positive and negative charges are strongly attracted and are not easy to separate. At this time, you can find another ion (called the third-party ion). The gravitational force of the negative charge carried by this ion is stronger than the gravitational force of the negative charge on the surface of the fiber. If this ion is used to surround the dirt and the surface of the fiber, it will appear A phenomenon similar to third-party intervention in married life, its negative charge snatch particles of dirt from the surface of the fibers. Among the chemical raw materials commonly used in laundry, there are several materials with this function: emulsifier, strong washing powder, dry cleaning oil, etc.

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4. How to remove drag marks from hotel linen:

(1) Slight drag marks: When processing, first dissolve the washing powder in water, and then soak the fabric with drag marks in the washing powder solution. After 10 minutes, brush it with a brush and apply a certain mechanical force to remove it. .

(2) Stubborn drag marks: soak the linen first, then apply emulsifier and strong washing powder to the drag marks, wait for 20 minutes, and then brush with a brush. After brushing, enter the machine to wash normally to remove. When brushing, you don't need to wait until all the stains disappear. As long as most of the stains have been removed or faded, you can enter the normal washing process to wash, and the residual stains will be basically removed during the washing process. Alternatively, you can also use dry cleaning oil to treat it and then wash it normally.

(3) Old drag marks: For the drag marks that have not been completely cleaned before, there will be some light black marks on the linen. This kind of residual drag marks has been treated with high temperature and high alkali and should be removed. It has been removed, and the rest is more tightly bound to the linen, so it is difficult to completely remove it. If we use high-concentration chemicals or high mechanical force, there will be no major changes, but it will cause great damage to the linen, so this kind of old drag marks should not take too much time to deal with.

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5. Precautions for hotel linen handling drag marks

When dealing with drag marks, it must be clear that any washing treatment method will cause different degrees of damage to the linen. All washing personnel are responsible for reminding the relevant personnel to pay attention to the following matters when using the linen:

(1) The replaced linen is strictly prohibited to be stacked directly on the floor, especially the marble floor, tile floor and cement floor.

(2) It is strictly forbidden to step on the linen, especially wearing hard-soled shoes, and it is strictly forbidden to drag the linen on the floor.

(3) It is strictly forbidden to use linen as a cleaning tool to wipe items.

(4) The linen with special dirt should be sorted out in time, and handed over to the washing staff for individual treatment as soon as possible.


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