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Four Essential Points Of Hotel Service, Have You Done It?

1. Attitude Is In Place

When a guest receives service in a hotel, the attitude of the service staff he contacts will affect his impression of the whole hotel service to a large extent, and become an important factor for him to evaluate the quality of hotel service. Attitude in place requires all personnel who directly serve guests, including doormen, porters, receptionists, room and catering service personnel, etc., must pay attention to and respect guests when serving, fully understand the mentality and needs of guests, and want guests. Think, help customers need. The attitude in place also emphasizes that the service attitude should be sincere, which is an expression of a natural mentality. At the same time, other employees cannot ignore the guests in the hotel.

Of course, when it comes to attitude, we cannot fail to mention smiling, because smiling is an important external form of attitude. Now many of our hotels are emphasizing smile service, but in fact, the smile in the service of many hotel staff is just a professional smile, which gives guests the feeling that they are dealing with more, less from the heart, and lacking emotion and affinity. In addition, the good attitude also requires the hotel service language to be civilized and polite. The basic requirement is to start with the word "please" and end with the word "thank you".

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2. Skills Are In Place

Attitude is not enough to provide services in place. Skills and skills must also be ensured. For example, in the service of foreign guests, hotel staff are required to have a high level of foreign languages.

Skills and skills are reflected in all aspects and links of hotel services. Different positions have common requirements, such as communication ability, coordination ability, complaint handling ability, language expression ability, foreseeing ability, ability to remember guests, etc., as well as individual requirements. , such as the restaurant waiter's ability to order dishes, the ability to separate dishes, the ability to interpret food nutrition, the room attendant's ability to eliminate simple faults in room equipment, the ability to analyze guests' hobbies, the front desk waiter's ability to identify the type of guests and the ability to read their words, the case of security guards Analytical skills, computer skills for business service personnel, etc.

With these capabilities, the service personnel can better meet the basic requirements and some special requirements that guests expect from the hotel, so that the service can be effectively implemented in actual work.

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3. Efficiency Is In Place

Efficiency in place is largely reflected in the service staff's grasp of the service rhythm. With the accelerating pace of people's life, hotel services are now emphasizing fast speed and high efficiency to reduce the waiting time of guests and improve guest satisfaction. However, the speed of service should also be adjusted according to the actual requirements of the guests. For example, when a guest was dining in a hotel restaurant, he was deeply dissatisfied with the food being served too quickly. The reason was that he met a long-lost old friend that day and hoped that the restaurant would slow down. The food was served so he had enough time to talk to old friends and drink, but the hotel couldn't, and in less than 20 minutes, the food was ready.

Therefore, although the hotel's catering service is very efficient, it is a performance of poor service. Likewise, if two lovers are silently looking at each other, even if their glasses run out of wine, it will take a while for the waiter to go up to serve them, which is an accurate grasp of the rhythm of the service.

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4. The Details Are In Place

High-quality hotel services pay great attention to details, and the details can often leave a deep impression on guests and lay a good foundation for word of mouth. For example, at a banquet, when the waiter learned that there was a diabetic patient among the guests, he took the initiative to serve him a bowl of sugar-free taro soup; when it was determined that one of the guests had a birthday, he would notify the relevant management staff to bring a birthday cake and bring it with him. Warm blessings; when a guest has an upset stomach, the waiter immediately brings a bowl of light noodles to the room, etc. These are the performance of the details.

But now many hotels ignore the details in the service process. For example, when the guests are still in the room to rest or do some things, there is always a waiter knocking on the door to ask if the room needs cleaning and tidying up. Not very good, the service in place requires the hotel to try to avoid this situation.

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