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How Much Do You Know About The Count Of Hotel Linen Fabrics?

What are the benefits of having more hotel linen fabrics?

The higher the hotel linen fabric count, the finer the yarn, the smoother the wool texture, and the higher the relative price. However, the hotel linen fabric count is not necessarily related to the quality of the fabric. Only fabrics with more than 100 counts can be called "super". The concept of count is more suitable for worsted spinning, but has little meaning for woollen fabrics. For example, woollen fabrics such as Harris tweed have low counts.

The larger the count of the hotel linen fabric, the finer the yarn

The count of hotel linen fabrics is the most important indicator to measure the quality of fabrics. It is also easy to understand. In fact, it describes the thickness of the yarn count. The larger the count, the finer the yarn. The diameter of 250-count wool has reached the level of 11 microns. The finer the yarn, the more delicate and delicate the style of the woven fabric.

The higher the density of hotel linen, the better the water resistance

Because of its high density, high-count fabrics can also be waterproof. Liquids such as red wine, tea, juice, etc. overflow on the clothes. Don't worry, the liquid will only roll on the fabric without penetrating. This functional The clothes are also a little less careful and more free and easy.


Pursuing ultra-fine yarn is not necessarily a good thing

Yarns that are too thin are extremely difficult to produce and are easy to break. For example, some companies have produced 300-count fabrics, but because of their poor performance, they can only be exhibited at fabric fairs, which have no practical value at all. Therefore, in the pursuit of ultra-fine fibers, we must first ensure that the raw materials have superior properties.

Fabrics with more than 100 threads and less than 300 threads are currently the most popular high-end hotel linen fabrics in the market. We can look forward to whether there will be more than 300 threads of fabrics with very good performance in the future. Maybe there will be such ultra-high-count fabrics in the future. Show up.

Hotel Linen Suppliers / Hotel Linen Manufacturers

In simple terms, the quality of hotel linen fabrics is not directly related to the count of the fabrics, but the larger the yarn count, the more delicate and softer the fabrics will be; the higher the density of hotel linen fabrics, the better the water resistance of the fabrics. If the waterproof function of the fabric is required, it can be judged according to the density of the fabric.


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