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What Should I Do If The Macular Stains On The Hotel Linen Increase In Summer?

There are two main reasons for hotel linen stains:

1. Reasons for water quality: When we go to the river in spring and autumn, we will observe that the water quality is crystal clear, while in summer the water quality is turbid. This is because with the increase of water temperature, the solubility of water is greatly enhanced, and the Substances that make the water less clear. In the same way, our washing water in summer, as long as it is not treated by reverse osmosis, will dissolve more impurities more or less than the water in spring and autumn, and these impurities will cause secondary pollution to the linen during washing.

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2. Causes of pollution: The temperature rises in summer, and the secretion of human sweat and oil is strong. Compared with spring and autumn, more human excrement stains will be produced. If such stains are not washed in a targeted manner, it is very easy to form stubborn cured macular. In addition, due to the high temperature in summer, guests have the need to eat various fruits, drinks, etc. to cool off, which will inevitably increase the probability of contamination on the linen, which will also lead to an increase in macular stains.

Hotel Linen Distributor / Luxury Hotel Linens Wholesale / Hotel Linen Manufacturer / hotel linens supply

In view of the reasons for the appearance of such stains, we can improve the following hotel linen washing processes:

  1. For the problem of impurities in water, we recommend using detergents rich in high-efficiency surfactants, especially chelating agents and anti-redeposition agents, which can effectively chelate impurities in water and prevent stains from depositing on hotel linen.

Hotel Linen Distributor / Luxury Hotel Linens Wholesale / Hotel Linen Manufacturer / hotel linens supply

2. For the stains of human excrement, because there are many protein stains mixed, it is recommended to make certain adjustments in the washing program. It is recommended not to rush to heat up after entering the main wash. After adding detergent, warm up to 35 degrees for washing 5 - In 8 minutes, most of the protein stains can be completely removed to prevent the generation of stains.

3. The most difficult to remove stains from fruit juices, beverages and beer are pigments. If color bleaching powder or oxygen bleaching solution is used for routine washing, it is recommended to replace chlorine bleaching powder or chlorine bleaching solution regularly to increase chlorine bleaching. The frequency of use of powder or chlorine bleach is more beneficial for the complete removal of such stains!

Hotel Linen Distributor / Luxury Hotel Linens Wholesale / Hotel Linen Manufacturer / hotel linens supply

The above are my personal opinions. If readers have better opinions and ways to deal with such problems, please communicate with colleagues.

I hope these can help you!

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