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Why Are High-End Hotel Beds So Comfortable?

1. Hotel linen "raw materials" are of high quality and expensive

Now everyone may have a basic understanding of the concept of "fabric yarn count". In hotel-style home textiles, it did not enter the public's field of vision. At that time, ordinary home textiles did not have "60 counts", "T400", "80 counts", "T800" of these concepts. When ordinary five-star hotels use ordinary fabrics, Ritz-Carlton used 400 fabrics for ordinary guest rooms and 800 for suites, and about 200 for households at that time. For example, the bedding fabric of Marriott Hotel is 120 pieces (other five-star hotels are 60 pieces/80 pieces); all down products are equipped with more than 90% white goose down (most other five-star hotels are duck down), including the top of the mattress. down protection pads.

Fabric: The "120" here is very different from the concept of 120 on the market. High-end hotels need to meet the comfort after multiple washings, which will have higher requirements for cotton yarn. (The knowledge of cotton yarn will be shared with you later)

Duvet: Considering the procurement cost, many high-end hotel down products will choose duck down. Ritz is a complete set of goose down products, which is more comfortable.

Down pillow: 90% single-layer white goose down pillow, not the three-layer process of ordinary hotels, it is single-layer, and the price is more expensive.

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2. The hotel bed is not a single product accumulation, but a complete sleep project

After talking about the basic raw materials, let's talk about the composition of bedding. We often say that the hotel bed is not an accumulation of single products, but a systematic project, and each hotel group has been continuously updated and adjusted in the long historical development, and has been tested by countless guests.

At present, the structure of high-end hotel beds is generally like this: mattress + down comfort pad + washed cotton protection pad + bed sheet, which is the position of the red arrow below (from bottom to top).

Down comfort pad: The top of the mattress is a down comfort pad measuring 8-10cm, which is an excellent tool for sleeping experience. Generally, the filling is the lower layer of goose feathers + the upper layer of down, and the proportion of feathers is high, because the supporting properties of the feathers/ better support;

Washed cotton protective pad: We call the thin pad on top of the comfort pad as a protective pad. There are two main protections: one is to protect the comfort pad below, which has the effect of separating dirt; the other is to protect the guests, because the wool is filled In the process of using the comfort pad, one or two pieces of hair may stick out, and there is a layer of cushion to block it so that it will not come into contact with the guests.

It is worth noting that many people feel very comfortable after experiencing the hotel bed. They purchased a kit and a quilt core at the front desk. When they went back to sleep, they found that it was not the same feeling. It may be that this key item, down comfort pad, is missing. At present, we will also see such categories gradually rising in online stores, which is also one of the effects of the hotel sleep system on home textiles.

This is almost the highlight. Of course, different high-end hotels have their own views on the construction of beds, which are slightly different. The common point is that they hope to provide guests with the best sleep after a day of travel/running.

I hope these can help you!

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