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Hotel Bathroom Amenities Toothbrush Bristle Little Knowledge

1. Hotel Bathroom Amenities Disposable Toothbrush Bristles Classification:

(1) Nylon brush wire: generally divided into ordinary wire and Dupont wire. DuPont silk is a representative product of high-quality nylon filament. It is thick at the top and bottom, rounded at the top, tough, wear-resistant, and strong in cleaning. DuPont silk toothbrushes have hard bristles, usually medium- or hard-bristled toothbrushes sold in supermarkets. Suitable for European and American oral environments, Philips is a typical brand that uses DuPont silk.

(2) PBT sharpening wire: invented and produced by Toray Group of Japan, because of its high softness, high resilience, high hardness, low water absorption, high material manufacturing cost, thick lower end and fine tip, it is made into a high-end soft bristle toothbrush. Suitable for delicate Asian mouths. Lion King, Hui Bai Shi, and Dr. Bei are typical brands that use Toray brushes. (Note: Lion King and Huibaishi imported toothbrushes only use this bristles). The Pasteur toothbrush that Dr. Pei sells in Xiaomi uses Toray PBT sharpening wire.

(3) PP bristles: mostly used in hotels or cheap toothbrushes, usually brush 1 to 2 times, and the bristles fall down.

(4) PET bristles: It is a composite material with a price between PP and nylon, similar to nylon, but with poor resilience, but the bristles are usually drained in about a week.

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2. How many times a day do you brush your teeth?

Brush your teeth every morning and evening for 3 minutes, paying attention to cleaning the gingival sulcus (the junction of the teeth and gums). If possible, rinse your mouth after lunch and brush your teeth half an hour after eating.

3. Hanbi Hotel Bathroom Amenities Manufacturers teach you how to brush your teeth the right way?

Pasteur brushing. The direction of the toothbrush bristles should be at a 45-degree angle to the tooth scale, and gently insert into the gingival sulcus at the junction of the teeth and the gums, vibrate the toothbrush horizontally with a small amplitude, and vibrate 20-30 times at each point, so as to brush the residues in the gingival sulcus. Clean, and finally brush the occlusal surface. Both the outside and the inside of the teeth also require the bristles to be inserted into the gingival sulcus to vibrate horizontally. The general assembly vibrating flat means vibrating horizontally, but it is by no means sawing horizontally. The difference between fluttering and sawing is the size of the brushing range. The saw tooth brushing method is not only easy to brush the teeth upright first, but also to clean the gingival sulcus. Then brush sideways in small steps, do not use too much force when brushing sideways, it will damage the enamel.

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