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Do You Know Several Uses Of Hotel Bed Runner?

Several Uses Of Hotel Bed Runner

1. Decorative Effect

One of the most notable is the aesthetics of the hotel bed runner;

Different styles and colors

Decorate a white hotel bed; make the room look beautiful and atmospheric.

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2. The effect of resisting cold

After the hotel guests fall asleep, the quilts are mostly spread out, which is easy to catch a cold;

The correct placement of the hotel bed runner can prevent the quilt from spreading like a fairy, and play a good role in resisting the cold.

3. Protection effect

You can sit on the bed runner when sitting on the bed in your everyday clothes to prevent dust from your clothes from falling onto the bed and keep hotel sheets and duvet covers clean.

4. The role of placing things

In the case of high-end hotel meal delivery services, hotel attendants can put meals on the hotel bed runner, allowing guests to eat without getting out of bed, and the falling video is not easy to stain the quilt.

5. Carpet effect

The hotel bed runner can be removed as a rug,

When guests want to get out of bed to get something, they can't find shoes or don't want to wear wet shoes, they can be used on the floor.

6. Publicity effect

Different hotel brands have different bed runner designs and different materials. For the popularity of the hotel, the hotel can customize its own bed runner style and print its own hotel LOGO, so as to play a promotional role and give people a sense of Sophistication.

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