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Classification And Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hotel Mattresses

1. Brown Mattress (Coconut Palm Mattress and Mountain Palm Mattress)

Advantages: Generally, the texture is hard, or slightly soft in the hard, and the price is low.

Disadvantages: natural palm smell when used, poor durability, easy to collapse and deform, poor supporting performance, easy to be moth-eaten or moldy if not maintained well.

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2. Latex Mattress (synthetic latex, natural latex)

Advantages: Natural latex comes from rubber trees. Natural latex emits a faint milky fragrance, which is closer to nature, soft and comfortable, and has good ventilation. The oak protein in the latex can inhibit the latent bacteria and allergens.

Disadvantages: Synthetic latex is derived from petroleum and lacks elasticity and breathability; natural latex is expensive.

3. Spring Mattress

(Linear Integral Springs, Snap Springs, LFK Open Springs, Individual Pocket Springs)

Advantages: It has good air permeability and impact resistance, and its hardness and support for the human body are reasonable.

Disadvantages: The spring bed arranged with interlocking springs may cause the cervical and lumbar muscles to be in a tense state, resulting in stiff neck and shoulders and soreness in the lower back.

4. Silicone Mattress

Advantages: Automatically adjust to the most suitable softness and hardness of the human body, fully release the pressure of the body, and provide complete support and comfortable support for all parts of the body.

Disadvantages: The service life is only 7-8 years

5. Air Mattress

Advantages: It is as big as a pillow when folded, and it is very easy to carry and move, without having to throw away a mattress every time you move.

Disadvantages: Inflation is difficult to master, and if the inflation is too full (especially in summer), it is easy to break; the floating feeling during use interferes with sleep quality.

6. Magnetic Mattress

Advantages: Using the biological effects of magnetism to achieve calmness and pain relief. Improve blood circulation, reduce swelling, and reduce high blood pressure.

Disadvantages: Individuals are particularly sensitive to magnetism or use for too long, and there will be some side effects.

7. Water Mattress

Advantages: It has the characteristics of buoyancy sleep, dynamic sleep, warm in winter and cool in summer, and hyperthermia.

Cons: Insufficient breathability

8. 3D Mattress

Advantages: good breathability, good resilience

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