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What Are The Characteristics Of Different Hotel Bedding Sets? -Hanbi Textile

The four-piece hotel bed generally refers to all the bedding in people's daily life. Four-piece bed skirt set (same as the four-piece bed cover set, except that the cover is replaced by a bed skirt, while the five-piece set has an extra long pillowcase). Usually people often say that the four-piece hotel bedding set refers to: two single pillowcases + one quilt cover + one sheet. The frequency of use is also relatively high.

1. Pure Cotton

Grasping: Grab the fabric with a handful of hands, and then let go. If the wrinkles are severe, it means that the cotton is mostly made of cotton.

Look: pure cotton fabrics are lighter in luster, less reflective, and look softer.

Touch: The feel of pure cotton fabrics is softer and more comfortable than other textures (except for silk, of course).

Burning: Pure cotton can be burned, accompanied by the smell of burning paper, and a small amount of gray-black or gray-white ashes can be completely crushed by hand.

Washing: Pure cotton fabrics shrink less and wrinkle after washing.

Pure cotton features:

Natural plant fiber, breathable, soft, easy to clean, no pilling and other characteristics.

2. Long-staple

Long-staple cotton is a fine product of cotton, so in addition to the characteristics of pure cotton, it also has different characteristics from cotton:

Length: Long-staple cotton is thinner and longer than fine-staple cotton, and the fiber length is generally greater than 33mm, up to 60-70mm;

Soft: Long-staple cotton is softer and smoother than ordinary cotton;

Gloss: Long-staple cotton has a higher count and better gloss than regular cotton.

Long-staple cotton features:

Good drape with silky smoothness;

The fabric has high color fastness and will not fade after long-term washing;

Wear-resistant and durable, good wrinkle resistance, not easy to pilling;

Good air permeability, with more than 5 times the air permeability of ordinary fabrics.

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3. Tencel

Grasping: Grab the fabric with a handful of hands and let it go. Tencel is easier to wrinkle than cotton. Washed and wrinkled Tencel will soon be flat after being laid down naturally.

Look: The fabric has a soft sheen

Touch: In addition to the extremely soft feeling of pure cotton fabric, there is also a refreshing and cool feeling, smooth and drapeable.

Burning: close to the flame, non-shrinking and non-melting, accompanied by the smell of burning paper when burning, the ashes become a small amount of gray-black or gray-white ashes, which can be completely crushed by hand.

Wash: Minimal shrinkage and almost no shrinkage, wrinkle after washing, but no pilling.

4. Silk

Touch: Silk feels soft and elastic, and when rubbed lightly, there is a silky sound (a sound), and it has a cool feeling.

Look: silk has a softer sheen, bright but not harsh.

Grab: Hold the fabric tightly and release it, silk has less folds than rayon.

Pulling: Real silk has poor pulling force and is easily broken. Rayon is easy to break when wet, and chemical fiber is stronger.

Burning: When burning silk yarn, there is no open flame, and the head smells burnt. The ashes can be crushed by hand, and the chemical fiber has hard lumps.

Features: Natural animal protein fiber, called the second skin of the human body.

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