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How Much Do You Know About Hotel Bathroom Amenities Toothbrushes? Hanbi Textile

Toothbrush is an indispensable product in the one-time hotel Bathroom Amenities. When you get up in the hotel every morning, you can have no nursing bag, no sewing kit, no shoe cloth and other small things, but the toothbrush is something you can't live without. of.

1. Disposable hotel toothbrushes can be divided into soft plastic toothbrushes and hard plastic toothbrushes according to the material of the toothbrush handle;

2. According to the bristles of hotel toothbrushes, it can be divided into sharpened wire toothbrushes, nylon toothbrushes, elm wire toothbrushes, and imitation nylon toothbrushes.

3. According to the style of toothbrush, there are snake head toothbrush, leaf toothbrush, mermaid toothbrush, curved toothbrush, frosted crest toothbrush, semi-circle crest toothbrush, large flat toothbrush, penguin toothbrush, shoehorn toothbrush, Roman column toothbrush, etc.

So here comes the problem

Question 1: How to distinguish the materials of hotel toothbrushes?

As mentioned above, the materials of toothbrushes are mainly divided into soft plastic and hard plastic, so how to distinguish these two materials?

I am here to provide you with a simple and practical method: you can throw a toothbrush on the ground in a free fall. If the sound of the toothbrush is crisp and the rebound is high, then the material of the toothbrush handle is hard plastic ; On the contrary, if a toothbrush does not rebound after it falls, and there is no crisp sound, then the toothbrush is soft plastic. In addition, toothbrushes of the same style and specification are easier to break than soft plastic ones.

Question 2: Is there a difference in quality between different soft plastic and hard plastic hotel toothbrushes?

The two materials are derived to meet the market needs of different styles of combs. Only fixed raw materials can be used for specific styles, and there is no difference in quality between the two materials. For example, if you want to make a two-color or pure transparent toothbrush, then you must use hard plastic, there is no other reason, it is a production process problem of the product, or you want to make a semi-transparent toothbrush Effective toothbrush, then you have to choose soft plastic raw materials.

Question 3: How to distinguish hotel toothbrush bristles?

Toothbrush bristles can be distinguished according to the softness of the bristles. The first is the sharpening wire, followed by nylon bristles, elm silk, imitation nylon, silk king (C silk), and the second method is the kneading feel of the toothbrush bristles. Of course, the best thing is to try the toothbrush with different bristles yourself.

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