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How To Choose A Pillow That Suits Your Height? -Hanbi Textile

1. The dangers of pillows that are too high

Some people like high pillows and think that there is an idiom called "sit back and relax" since ancient times, but this is not the case. If the pillow is too high, there is really worry.

Because the pillow is too high, it will hinder the blood circulation of the head, and it is easy to cause problems such as brain hypoxia, snoring and stiff neck. In addition, it will increase the burden on the cervical spine, making the muscles of the neck stretched, and the head, shoulders and neck cannot be relaxed. , You may feel neck pain and headache after waking up.

hotel down pillow

2. The danger of pillows that are too low

Some people like low pillows, or some people think that no pillows will be good for the cervical spine. Don't think so.

Because I liked to sleep on high pillows before, but my cervical vertebrae had problems. Then my mother told me not to use pillows. I tried it and found that it was of no use.

memory cotton pillow

3. How to choose the right height pillow

Human cervical vertebrae have a certain physiological curvature. We should choose the appropriate pillow according to this point. If you are used to sleeping on your back, you should choose a pillow that is about the same height as your fist, and if you are used to sleeping on your side, choose a pillow that is the same height as your shoulders.

hotel latex pillow

I hope these can help you!

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