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How To Choose A Four-Piece Set Of Hotel Bedding In Summer? _Hanbi Textile

Principles Of Hotel Bedding Selection

Hotel Bedding Soft and Skin-Friendly

In fact, picking a four-piece bed set is the same as picking a piece of clothing. It is necessary to pick a fabric that is soft and skin-friendly, meets the safety level of Class B or Class A, and can directly contact the skin, so that the four-piece set consisting of pillow cover, bed sheet and quilt cover can sleep comfortably. , sleep at ease. And for people with sensitive skin and prone to sweating in summer, the four-piece hotel bed set with high skin-friendliness is not easy to sensitize, and will not have that kind of rough friction. In addition to the feeling of being wrapped in softness, the texture presented is also better.

Hotel Bedding Set Moisture and Breathable

In addition to being soft and skin-friendly, the four-piece hotel bed set in summer should also be absorbent and breathable. Especially for people who like to sweat at night, whether they are blowing a fan or an air conditioner, good moisture absorption can ensure that the bedding can quickly absorb sweat and dissipate heat; No matter how you sleep, the bedding fabric will not stick to your body and make you uncomfortable. At this point, high-quality cotton, linen, silk and other hotel-made bed four-piece sets are very good.

Hotel Bedding Sets Light, Smooth and Cool

In the selection process, we should also pay attention to the touch and comfort of the fabric. For example, the four-piece bed set in winter should be fluffy and warm to the touch, while the four-piece bed set in summer should be smooth and cool. Yes, so that people can calm down in the hot and dry environment and sleep more peacefully. For example, the four-piece ice silk fabric bed set that is popular now, in addition to being soft, skin-friendly, hygroscopic, and breathable, the light, smooth, cool but not ice-like body feel is a good sleeping item in the bedroom in summer, making people sleep like this bed set of four for a good night's sleep.

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