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What Do You Know About Hotel Linen Washing Steps?

1. Stain removal treatment: 

Stain removal refers to the process of applying some chemicals and correct mechanical action to remove stains that cannot be removed by conventional washing and dry cleaning. Stain removal work requires certain operating skills and professional knowledge.

2. Watering and pre-washing: 

Using the action of water and mechanical force, the water-soluble dirt on the washed fabric is washed away from the fabric as much as possible, and a good foundation is laid for the main washing and decontamination. For the washing of medium and heavy soils, a rinsing step is generally used. Prewashing is a pre-stain removal process with the addition of an appropriate amount of detergent. Due to the surface tension of water, water alone does not adequately wet the soil. For particularly severe soils, prewashing is a mandatory step. Pre-washing can generally be arranged after the rinsing step, or it can go directly to the pre-washing process.

3. Main wash:

This process uses water as the medium, the chemical action of the detergent, the mechanical action of the washing machine, and the proper concentration of the lotion, temperature, and sufficient action time are closely coordinated to form a reasonable washing and decontamination environment. for decontamination purposes.

4. Bleaching:

This process is a supplementary step for the main washing and decontamination, and mainly removes the pigmented dirt that cannot be completely removed in the main washing step. Oxidative bleaches (oxygen bleaching powders) are mainly used in this step. Therefore, in the operation, the water temperature should be strictly controlled at 65 ℃ ~ 70 ℃, and the pH value of the lotion should be controlled at 10.2 ~ 10.8, and the dosage should be strictly controlled according to the type of dirt and fabric structure.

5. Rinsing: 

Rinsing is a diffusion process that allows the remaining dirt-containing lotion components in the fabric to diffuse into the water, and a certain temperature (generally 30°C to 50°C) is applied during this process. The high water level quickly reduces the concentration of the lotion, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

Water passing and dehydration: The centrifugal force generated when the drum of the washing machine rotates at a high speed is used to minimize the moisture content of the fabric in the drum. This process requires relatively high equipment performance.

6. Peracid neutralization:

 The detergents usually used in washing are alkaline. Although it has been washed many times, it cannot be guaranteed that there is no alkaline component. The existence of alkaline substances will have a certain impact on the appearance and feel of the laundry. These problems can be solved by the neutralization reaction between acid and base.

7. Softening:

This process is a washable process. Generally, the softening process is set according to customer needs as a post-processing process, not a decontamination process. The soft treatment can make the fabric feel comfortable, and at the same time can prevent the generation of static electricity, it can lubricate the inside of the fabric, and prevent the fibers from being tightly entangled with each other and falling off.

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8. Sizing:

The sizing step is mainly aimed at cotton products or mixed fiber fabrics such as tablecloths, napkins, and certain uniforms in restaurants. After sizing, the surface of the sizing fabric can be stiff, preventing fluffing, and at the same time, a layer of sizing film is formed on the surface of the sizing fabric, which has a certain hindering effect on the penetration of dirt.

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