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How To Wash Hotel Linen? Recommended For Favorites

01. Soak the hotel linen before washing

Soak the fabric before washing to allow the detergent to chemically react with the dirt on the garment before washing. In this case, the operation time of the hotel bed linen washing equipment can be shortened by about half while washing clothes, saving electric energy.

02. Different fabrics should be washed separately

Different fabrics should be washed separately, different colors of fabrics and different types of fabrics should be washed separately, which can not only speed up the work efficiency of the hotel bed linen washing equipment, but also achieve the effect of washing well and avoid the occurrence of dyeing.

03. Reasonable use of detergents for hotel linen

When washing clothes, we should not think that the more you put, the better. In fact, this is not the case. We should add detergent reasonably according to the quantity of clothes. If there is too much detergent, it will cause rinsing pressure and increase the workload.

04. Rational use of water consumption

Too much water will increase the water pressure of the wave plate, increase the burden on the motor, and increase the power consumption; too little water will affect the up and down of the clothes during washing, increase the washing time, and increase the power consumption.

05. Hotel linen washing method needs to be appropriate

After the first washing of the clothes, the dirty water inside should be squeezed out, so that when the hotel bed linen washing equipment is rinsed for the second time, it can save time and save water and electricity.

06. Reuse of water resources

If there are other clothes that need to be washed when the clothes are spinning, you can collect the water resources during dehydration in a large container for the washing of other clothes, because the water at this time is very clean, It can continue to be used as washing water for washing clothes.

07. Moderate dehydration time for hotel linen

When dehydrating the bed linen washing equipment in the hotel, the running speed of the drum is about 1200 rpm. When washing clothes, the dehydration time can be kept at about 3 minutes. There is no need to dehydrate for a longer time, and the time will not be too long. The difference, and long-term dehydration at high speed is purely a waste of electricity.

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