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How Does Hotel Bedding Achieve Antibacterial Function?

At present, there are three main principles of antibacterial for hotel bedding:

1. The first is to use the antibacterial properties of natural fibers, such as hemp fibers. Hemp fiber contains trace cannabinoids and more than ten kinds of trace elements that are beneficial to human health. This method is the most healthy and environmentally friendly, but the antibacterial effect is very weak, and it is also affected by the environment.

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2. The second method is to apply a layer of antibacterial additives on the fabric. This method is convenient, simple and easy to operate, with low cost and a wide range of uses, but the antibacterial effect is not good.

3. The third is to carry out internal modification and finishing of the fibers, and mix the antibacterial agent with the raw materials during the spinning process, so that the fibers obtained by spinning have antibacterial effects.

This method distributes the antibacterial agent evenly in the fiber, and the antibacterial performance of the fiber is stable and lasting, and the antibacterial effect is still very good no matter how many times it is washed. However, the requirements for technology and equipment are high, and the operation is complicated. At present, very few manufacturers in the world have mastered this technology.

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The antibacterial effect of the latter two methods has a great relationship with the choice of antibacterial agent.

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