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Teach You 3 Points How To Clarify Customer Complaint Management?(1)

Prevention of complaints about hotels

In grievance management, the most important part is grievance prevention work. So-called prevention is better than disaster relief. We attach great importance to preventing complaints and promoting it vigorously, protecting customer dissatisfaction to a minimum and making full use of the most advanced resources to solve the problem, which can avoid the escalation of the problem and the actual investment of the business.

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Post-event control is not as good as event control and event control is not as good as event control.For businesses, the more serious the problem, the higher the cost of rescue, the greater the chance of missed opportunities and the greater the hidden risk. Therefore, it is wise to take action in the slightest, rather than make amends.

Complaint prevention should start with identifying and handling customer complaints. Complaints are a significant sign of customer dissatisfaction and companies should address them at an early stage of discovery, whether during sales or initial contact with the service, whether on site or on the contact line, and mobilize everyone The subjective initiative of their employees encourages them to handle any customer dissatisfaction or complaint they come in contact with. This positive result depends on the establishment of a good culture and atmosphere of cooperation by the company, which is also a job that needs to be done in complaint management.

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According to a survey result, out of every 100 dissatisfied customers, 69% of customers have never complained, 23% of customers have reported it to the service staff around them when they are dissatisfied and 8% of customers have not done so. received any complaints due to their complaints, resolve and file a complaint to the Customer Relations Department.Usually one customer's complaint represents the voice of 24 other customers who have not complained to the company.

It can be seen from this that if a company commits to managing customer complaints, it will be possible for the hotel to restore the satisfaction and loyalty of most dissatisfied customers at the beginning of the problem and may also reduce the amount of compensation for damages caused. Therefore, grievance prevention is in itself a management tool that can reduce costs.

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