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How Does Hotel Blanket Weight Affect Comfort?

These conditions are directly related to one season or the weight of the blanket, in addition to the season, the material of the blanket, and the physical condition.

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If the blanket is too heavy, the chest capacity will be reduced, the lung capacity will be reduced, nightmares will be easier to dream, and the temperature of the blanket will exceed 35 degrees, which will overheat the body's metabolism, increase energy expenditure and increase sweating.

It is not good to go after a light blanket blindly, the blanket is too light and it is not enough to keep it warm. This makes the sleeping person unstable and unable to fall into a deep sleep, especially leading to drowsiness. they wake up.

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Therefore, when choosing a blanket, choose a medium-weight blanket. The weight of the blanket is not a fixed standard as the fabric of the blanket varies from season to season. In principle, it is recommended to choose a blanket of 3 kg, depending on the degree of cold can add a blanket. In spring and autumn, choose a blanket weighing 1-1.5 kg, and the weight of the blanket is, in principle, about half of the blanket.

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