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Hanbi Textile Company's Visit To The Washing Factory


In order to enhance the team awareness and knowledge expansion of Hanbi Textile Company employees, we should also focus on knowledge accumulation in our spare time and enrich our true understanding of the hotel linen washing process. The company organized a washing factory visit and learning activity. This event not only enriched our spare time, but also enhanced the communication and cooperation between departments, and made the big Hanbi family more harmonious, thus better enhancing the cohesion of the company, fully demonstrating the company's spirit of continuous learning and accumulation, and making the Hanbi family more harmonious. Everyone devotes themselves to future work with a more professional attitude.

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In July, although the weather was very hot, it did not reduce the enthusiasm of the employees for study and work. In the washing plant, Hanbi employees carried out the performance and filming of sitcoms, and communicated continuously during filming to enhance team awareness among colleagues and increase cohesion. In addition to shooting, we communicated with the staff of the washing factory and continued to learn and improve. 

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Understand the washing process of hotel linen:

1. Sorting, separate the linen of different colors, pick out the linen with special stains, separate special treatment. For example, blood stains, pen water, shoe polish, shampoo, baked oil, fragrance and so on.

2. Weighing. Load the linen according to 80% of the standard capacity, such as 20g container, about 16g can be loaded.

3. Pre-wash, high water level, cold water, bed sheets and quilt cover washing time 5-10min, pillowcase washing time is 10-15min.

4. Low water level, hot water, water temperature 80-85 degrees Celsius, washing time 15-20min (towels are10-15min)

5. Drainage, adopt middle dewatering, and then drain the water.

6. When passing the water, use high-level cold water.

7. Drain again.

8. Pass the water again.

9. The last drain.

10. Neutralizing acid agent 30g, softening powder 30ml.

11. High row dehydration.

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During the visit and study of the washing factory, we really understood the washing process of the washing factory for hotel linen, and gained a lot and benefited a lot. I believe that in the future work and life, we will be more professional and bring more and more professional customized procurement solutions to customers.

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Hanbi Textile hotel linen producer has 20 years of experience in the field of hotel room supplies. It has its own hotel linen production system, a slippers factory that has been producing hotel linen products for 20 years, and a professional production of hotel room daily chemicals. As a travel supplies factory for toiletries, Hanbi provides you with professional and overall customized procurement solutions for hotel guest room products based on a comprehensive production system. Seek regional cooperative distributors with the advantage of production price.

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