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What is the difference between coral fleece and other materials?

Advantages and disadvantages of coral fleece

1. Soft hand feeling: The monofilament is fine and the flexural modulus is small, so the fabric has excellent softness.

2. Good coverage: due to the high density between fibers and large specific surface area, the coverage is good.

3. Good wearability: Because the fiber has a large specific surface area, it has a high wicking effect and air permeability, and it is comfortable to wear. Very good cleaning effect.

Coral velvet blanket

Comparison with other fabrics

1. Which is better, coral fleece or flannel?

The advantages of the two are strong warmth retention, flannel is more suitable for making trousers, tops, children's clothing, etc., thin can be used for shirts and skirts, coral fleece is soft, more suitable for pajamas. Flannel is warmer than coral fleece, but more expensive. The fluff of flannel is finer and denser, while that of coral fleece is thicker and sparser, so coral fleece is easier to shed while flannel is not.

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2. Which is better, coral fleece or pure cotton?

Compared with pure cotton quilt cover fabrics, coral fleece is softer and more comfortable and has better thermal properties, but it is larger than pure cotton and is inconvenient to clean, and because of its long fluff, it is easier to accumulate dust than pure cotton fabrics, and it is easy to breed bacteria such as mites. Causes skin redness, irritation, itching, etc., and needs to be cleaned more frequently. Compared with coral fleece, pure cotton is less prone to allergies, and can fit well with the quilt core. The quilt cover of coral fleece is very poor in this regard, and the quilt core often runs around in the quilt cover. Pure cotton is easy to wrinkle after washing and drying, and coral velvet is soft and not easy to wrinkle, but coral velvet is easy to pilling after a long time of use.

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3. Which is better, coral fleece or crystal fleece?

When we say crystal velvet, it is actually an upgraded product extended on coral velvet, which is more advanced. Crystal velvet will be smoother and more comfortable to touch, and the fabric of crystal velvet will be thicker, so it will be more warm. Because of its high density, it is not easy to lose hair, and the cost will be higher. Compared with flannel, crystal fleece is made of polyester fiber, polyester and chemical fiber in common. The difference is that the crystal velvet has fluff on the surface, and the density is high.

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