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Awareness of Standard Hotel Towels (1) _Hanbi

Hanbi hotel towels it has characteristics such as high density and soft loop, excellent hygroscopicity, heat insulation and heat resistance. Towel fabrics are divided into square towels, face towels, floor towels, bath towels, pillow towels, towel quilts, towel cloths, etc. It can be divided into one side and two sides according to the distribution of the terry loop. -Double-sided; according to different manufacturing processes, it can be classified as follows: first weave, then bleach, first bleach, then weave; depending on the manufacturing method, it can be classified as follows: plain , Color, print, second, plain weave, jacquard, satin file, spiral, etc.

Towels used in hotels and hotels are mainly made of first-class yarn spun from cotton fibers, and have the advantages of good water absorption, soft touch, and strong three-dimensional effect. Commonly used yarn numbers are 21S, 16S single yarn, 21S / 2, 32S / 2, 40S / 2 double strand, etc. (Spiral products are usually woven with 16S single yarn). Count refers to the number of meters per gram of yarn length at a given moisture recovery (8.5%). The higher the count, the thinner the thread. (target towels, bath towels on sale, towel robe, towel set, bathroom towels)

Hotel towel breaking strength: warp direction exceeds 220N and weft direction exceeds 178N. The moisture recovery rate of packaged towels is 7.5% or less. The allowable length and width limits for top-notch products are + 4% and -3% (total length and width are measured at 1/4 of the product). (From both sides or both ends); Weight First Class product deviation tolerances are: -3%, cut pile -5%, otherwise -2.5% (10 pcs excluding towels and quilts) Or 12 pieces); Reactive color fastness including color fastness, soap fastness, 2 types of friction fastness, both reach grade 3 or higher, whiteness must be grade 4 or higher.

Soap fastness refers to the degree of fading of the dyed fabric after soaking in soapy liquid under certain conditions, such as the original fading or stains on the white fabric. Friction fastness is fading due to the action of external friction and water, and can be divided into two types: dry friction and wet friction. The former rubs the cloth with a dry cloth to check the stain condition of the white cloth, and the latter rubs the cloth dyed with the white cloth with 100% water to check the stain condition of the white cloth. Friction fastness is lower than dry friction fastness. The test soaping temperature for cotton fabrics is generally boiling, but the normal cleaning temperature is between 40 ° C and 60 ° C.

The warp density of the fabric is controlled by the leads, and the number of leads refers to the number of lead teeth per 2 inches long. Therefore, the higher the number of leads, the higher the warp density and strength of the fabric. It will increase again. High-density towels not only have a long life, but also have a thick texture and a full pattern, but they are relatively expensive due to their low weaving efficiency. Generally, the high density warp density is 250 sheets / 10 cm or more.

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