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What Do You Know About The Hotel's Pure Cotton Towels?(2)

Identification of 4 hotel towels:

1. Essential qualities mainly include weight deviation, fracture strength, water absorption, hair loss, fiber content deviation, and discoloration resistance. 

2. Appearance quality indicators mainly include dimensional deviations, surface defects, sewn product quality, and finish quality defects such as hooking and brushing. The above analysis is only a theoretical analysis of quality. From a perceptual quantification point of view, the number of loops within 25 mm can be measured on a scale to determine the density of 4 towels (the market is divided into medium size). 

3. Density and high density. , 14 to 15 loops per inch of medium density, 16 or more high density towel loops. High density towels increase the weave points of the tissue, make it difficult to pull the hair, significantly reduce the phenomenon of pulling the hair, increase the strength by 20% and extend the life by 10%. 

4. It's clear. Production technology and production costs are relatively high. Hanbi is the only company in the same industry that participates in the development of domestic towel standards. Focuses on the control of density standards as one of the most important quality identification parameters.(target towels, bath towels on sale, towel robe, towel set, bathroom towels)

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