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Why Are Hotel Linens Mostly White?

1. Clean and tidy. The bedding in hotels is used by many people. Using white can make everyone feel clean and tidy, and it is not easy to hide dirt. Let the occupants not have to worry about hygiene problems, and what dirt can be seen at a glance.

2. Avoid diversity. Everyone has different preferences. If you don't use the same bed sheet color, you will be picky when you check in, what color you like and what color you don't like. All using one color saves the occupant's personalized screening process and avoids the loss of customers.

3. Easy to clean. Bleaching powder is used when cleaning, no matter what kind of stains, it will be clean as soon as it is bleached. So we found that all the sheets and quilts did not have any stains on them, it was all due to the bleaching, and it was impossible to achieve this effect if only washing powder was used.

4, foil effect. Most hotels and hotels have carpets in other colors. But the carpet is generally not too clean. Using white can not only bring out the cleanliness everywhere, but also divert the attention of the occupants, because everyone likes to see clean things. In commercial design, white has an image of advanced technology and is usually used in combination with other colors. Pure white will give others a cold and severe feeling, so when using white, there will be some other colors, such as ivory white and beige. , milky white, apple white, in the color of daily necessities and clothing, white is the main color that is always popular and can be matched with any color.

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