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What Are The Characteristics Of Satin Cloth Commonly Used In Hotels?

The advantages of satin fabric

1. Satin fabric is a satin weave fabric that is very soft to the touch and has a delicate texture.

2. The satin fabric is woven with combed yarn, which is very breathable, and the bedding made of this fabric is more comfortable.

3. The satin fabric is pure and natural, simple and fashionable.

4. The satin fabric remains as new no matter how many times it is washed, and the color fastness is very good.

How to wash satin

The fabric has good alkali resistance and heat resistance, can be used with various detergents, and can be washed by hand and machine, but it is not suitable for chlorine bleaching.

White fabrics can be washed at high temperature with a strong alkaline detergent to bleach.

The soaking time of the fabric should not be too long to avoid fading of the fabric.

It should be dried in the shade and avoid exposure to the sun to avoid fading of dark clothes. When drying in the sun, turn the inside out.

Never wring out to avoid wrinkling of the fabric.

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How to maintain sateen

Do not soak in hot water to avoid yellow sweat spots.

Pay attention to ventilation and avoid dampness of the fabric, so as to avoid mildew and spots on the fabric.

Wash and dry, separate dark and light colors, it is best not to put them together, put mothballs to avoid insects.

Avoid prolonged exposure, so as not to cause fading and yellowing, especially in the sun.

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