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What Is The Service Life Of Hotel Linen?

1. Percentage of linen

In general, the reserve level of cotton products in hotels ranges from 3 to 5 groups, depending on factors such as hotel occupancy rate, laundry room operation, and department budget.

In general, the minimum standard is 3 sets, one set used in different departments, one set is washed in the washing room, and the other set is stored in the cotton fabric warehouse for backup.

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2. Washing times for cotton fabrics

Generally, cotton fabric washing times are about: 130~150 times for cotton sheets and pillowcases; 180~220 times for blended fabrics (65% polyester, 35% cotton); 100~110 times for towels; Cloth, 120~130 times.

The above washing times are set according to the standard requirements of world-class hotels. And while tested, it cannot be an absolute standard. Since there are no relevant regulations on life and loss of linen in the industry, the above is only the reference standard that varies due to the specific standards and requirements of each hotel. The linen used in the hotel has a certain shelf life, so in addition to the normal washing of cotton fabrics, the hotel laundry room must do a good job of maintaining and maintaining cotton fabrics, so as to extend the service life. As much as possible and reduce the rate of loss. If it is used over time, it will cause serious damage to the sheets, and it will affect the hotel's service quality if it is used again.

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