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What Problems Should Be Paid Attention To When Purchasing A Four-Piece Hotel Bed? How To Choose?

Learn to look at the fabric to see how the fabric is purchased In the four-piece bed set, the quilt cover and pillowcase are double-layered fabrics, and it is difficult to see whether there is a quality problem. It is recommended to mainly look at the bed sheets, look at the light, and you can see the textile threads. If the textile threads are well conditioned, you can see the textile holes. The uniform density of the cotton threads is the top grade. If you can't see the textile holes, you probably have more sizes. Although it is thick to the touch, it is difficult to touch. This kind of scouring wash will not feel so thick, the fabric is soft and easy to wrinkle. Pay attention to workmanship when purchasing. Look at the way of workmanship and purchase: the four-piece sets produced by regular manufacturers have exquisite workmanship and do not remove stitches. The cloth surface is flat and even, the texture is fine, and the printing is clear and shiny.

Depending on the workmanship, cotton feels good, comfortable to use, hygroscopic and washable, and is widely used as bedding material. Cotton fabrics have the problem of shrinking and fading, which may be inconvenient to use. The key is post-processing. Therefore, the general home textile fabrics are pre-shrunk. However, after pre-shrinking, it does not mean that there will be no shrinkage, but the shrinkage rate is controlled within 3%-4% of the national standard, so that the product can be purchased with confidence. Four pieces of unwashable bedding could drive you crazy. Buy a four-piece set made by a regular manufacturer. The four-piece set produced by regular manufacturers has exquisite workmanship, no pinholes, uniform cloth surface, fine texture, clear printing gloss, and the needle distance between flat seams is generally 10~12/3cm.

Choosing a four-piece suit is a skillful Chinese medicine practitioner who pays attention to seeing, hearing, asking, and choosing a cotton four-piece suit. Eyes, hands, and nose are also required. Take a look first. If the fabric is straight, short, well-distributed, with few bends or long fibers, the cotton content is higher. Instead, it contains more chemical fiber content. What we commonly refer to as "pilling" is actually the result of long fibers being rolled together through frequent friction. Now everyone should know the little knowledge of choosing four-piece bedding. When buying a four-piece set, you must pay attention to the material of the four-piece set, and avoid buying a four-piece set that is prone to static electricity and rolls together. Hopefully, after you master the technique of buying a four-piece set, you will be able to buy a comfortable four-piece set.

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