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What Fabrics Are Generally Used For Hotel Bedding?

Hotel bedding fabrics are generally divided into two types: cotton and polyester-cotton. Now most hotels use cotton, because cotton feels comfortable, has good skin, feels natural to the human body, and has good air permeability. Cotton is also graded. , According to the yarn count density of the fabric: 80Sx80S, 80Sx60S, 60Sx60S, 60Sx40S, 40Sx40S, to achieve 60S and above, the requirements for cotton are particularly high, generally only Xinjiang cotton and Pakistani cotton can achieve, and now textiles generally use 60S as products Standard, good feel, no pilling, long service life.

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The core types are divided into feather silk, down and silk. Feather silk and down are used more. The choice of feather silk quilt core and feather silk pillow core is very simple. It is enough to make sure that there is feather silk inside, mainly down, goose down and feather down. Duck down, the former is about 40% more expensive than the latter in the industry; and the down content of down is also a problem that must be paid attention to. The pillow core is generally filled with 30% down, and the quilt core is generally 50% to 90%. It varies, depending on the situation of the hotel.

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