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How To Use The Bedding Runner To Light Up The Hotel Room Space? Check It Out!

"Beds" used in hotels include throw pillows, bedding runners, cushions, etc. What the Hanbi hotel linen supplier wants to share with you today is a low-key but not to be underestimated - hotel bedding runner.

hotel bed scarf

1. Light up the space

The materials of the Hotel bedding runner include jacquard flocking with a thick feel, tight and silky jacquard, and comfortable IKEA velvet series. Put a bright and comfortable bed end towel at the end of the bed. This small change can make the white-dominated guest room luxurious and active, and the atmosphere of the whole room is also driven, delicate and warm. Let every resident find a beating and happy mood in the hotel.

bed runner scarf

The length of the hotel bedding runner is generally 55-70cm, and the hotel bed room, that is, the bed above 2 meters, usually uses a bed cover to decorate the space. The length of the bed cover is 1.2-1.5m or even wider, the selection of fabrics is stricter, higher-grade, and the production is more careful to enhance the elegant and luxurious temperament of the entire room.

quilted bed runner

2. Protect the bedding

In addition to the decorative role, the Hotel bedding runner also has another function - to protect the bedding. Whether you are happy or tired on a journey away from home, when you enter the hotel, you are all dressed in the dust. Some people like to jump onto the bed without taking off their shoes, and let their feet and shoes rest on the end of the bed comfortably. Some people like to leave the clothes they take off directly on the bed, or sit at the end of the bed to rest for a while, and the end of the bed will play. It protects the bedding from dust, allowing guests to sleep with cleaner and tidy bedding.

3. The unique logo of the hotel

Different types of hotels usually choose different hotel bedding runners, and bed linen also gives the hotel a unique charm that distinguishes it from other hotels. Resort hotels generally choose bright colors and colors and patterns that match the scenery; business hotels pursue simplicity and chic; theme hotels can choose different styles of bed end pads according to different themed rooms

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It is precisely because of different understandings of their own brands that the bed end pad is also becoming a symbol of hotel brands and hotel groups that distinguish them from other hotels. When entering the guest room and being attracted at the first sight, the bed end pad is also the reason why guests never forget the hotel. one.

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