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Why Does The Density Of The Towel Determine The Quality Of The Towel?

The density of the towel fabric is generally controlled by the reed number. The reed number refers to the number of reed teeth per two inches of length. Therefore, the higher the reed number, the higher the warp density of the fabric, and the stronger the strength. High-density towels not only have the characteristics of long life, but also have a thick feel and full patterns, but they are relatively expensive due to low weaving efficiency.

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Compared with medium-density towels, high-density towels have two major advantages:

1. Due to the increase of warp and weft density, it means that the density of weaving points also increases, which directly improves the jacquard effect of the towel. The specific performance is as follows: the outline of the hotel logo in the towel is more distinct, the definition is higher, and the expressiveness of the store name is more delicate, It is more conducive to accurately convey the connotation of the overall pattern, highly reproduce the original style of the store name and store logo, and enhance the image of the hotel with more realistic visual effects.

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2. As the warp and weft density increases, the warp and weft breaking strength of the towel increases correspondingly. The prolongation of the service life of towels can directly reduce the cost of hotel use. In the era of attaching great importance to costs, this will undoubtedly make more savvy managers excited!

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