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How to Choose a Duvet for A Five-Star Hotel?

When choosing a hotel duvet, pay attention to the following six points:

First, the cost of a kilogram of down raw materials in the market is only a few hundred yuan. Don’t be greedy for cheapness, pay attention to those ridiculously cheap down products, and avoid being deceived.

Second, high-quality duvets are soft to the touch, and at the same time, you can touch a certain limit of tiny hair stems. If you can't touch any stems, you should buy them carefully. They may be filled with fluffy cotton, broken scraps and feathers.

Third, do not buy those with pungent odor and strong down odor.

Fourth, pay attention to check the label information, and do not buy those that do not indicate the filler, the amount of cashmere, and the amount of cashmere.

Fifth, press down on the quilt hard when purchasing, and the faster the recovery, the better the fluffy down and the warmer it will be.

Sixth, slap the quilt under the sun or light, and do not buy those that fly out more dust.

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