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(2) Why is The Price of Branded Hotel Linen Always Higher?

1. Workmanship quality control

Many small enterprises now also want to pursue quality, want to continue to grow and improve, and they have also made great efforts in the selection of materials, but they have overlooked a link, that is, manual selection and recruitment. Of course, this is also a two-way problem. The same four-piece suit may cost 30 yuan for a large brand, and only 10 yuan for a small brand. The price difference is in workmanship. Based on the trust in the brand of large companies, more excellent employees will consider large companies, which is also a virtuous circle for brand companies. Their products have exquisite workmanship and no needle holes. The cloth surface is flat and even, the texture is fine, the printing is clear and shiny, while the products of small enterprises have long stitches, obvious needle holes, and thin and uneven stitches.

★The brand will control the speed of the needle distance, hand embroidery plus machine embroidery, slow work and meticulous work, small enterprises only use machine embroidery;

★Brands will use the best skilled workers, even if they walk in a straight line, the results are straight and smooth. Small businesses use every batch of workers to become skilled, and they all go to big companies, and they can only keep recruiting new workers. , walking straight out is wavy;

★Brand products have complicated processes, ironing and finishing, and the finished products are smooth and smooth. Small businesses do the simplest sewing and crimping, and the products are wrinkled and have many threads;

★The high-quality lace accessories used by the brand, small enterprises can save or use ordinary ones;

★The brand uses modern intelligent production equipment, clean production, and small enterprises use ordinary lockstitch cars;

The workmanship level of hotel linen products largely depends on the technical proficiency of the workers. The high-skilled front-line workers now have high wages. And many workers take small business factories to practice. If you want to be a good brand, you must have a strong quality control ability. Quality control is a matter of principle, and strict quality control means that there will be a defect rate. Defective products are the most direct loss of profits for manufacturers. Quality control is a ruler, a funnel, and a brand's reputation.

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2. Service experience

The brand companyhas a complete service experience system, pre-sales answers, after-sales services, online micro-malls, offline stores, etc. A strong service team is the guarantee for consumers and a strong backing for the image. The online service is fast and efficient, and the offline stores can also maintain customers well when they are sold out, which has won more repeat customers for the brand, and the brand pays more attention to quality, reputation, service and customer experience. In the entire purchase and use process, you can enjoy not only high-quality products, but also their professional after-sales service. Brand hotel linen can always bring surprises to your life.

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So don't worry about why brand linen is always expensive, and there are reasons why people are expensive; more and more people will choose brands, which is essentially a pursuit of quality of life, and a brand symbolizes a life attitude. If you have requirements for life, do you still care whether it is expensive or not?

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