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Why is 5 Star Long-Staple Cotton Bedding So Hard To Buy ?

There are many factors that affect the quality of cotton

1. Such as, color grade, fiber pile length, micronaire value, impurity content and so on. The micronaire value is highly related to the smoothness of the yarn, while the fiber pile length is highly related to the thickness and strength of the yarn. First, let's talk about the fiber pile length that we have always been very concerned about. Fiber pile length is the most popular factor for merchants. When we look at the details of major hotels textile around the world, we can see that there are descriptions of fiber pile length in the details. Fiber pile length is a very important reference value for cotton quality. The longer the fiber pile, the higher the fiber count that can be spun out. If the fiber pile length is insufficient, the spun high-count yarn may have insufficient strength.

long-staple cotton bedding

2. If the fibers are too short, the bonding between the fibers will be poor, so the strength of the yarn will be poor. The longer the cotton fiber, the higher the yarn count that can be spun, and the finer the yarn. In addition, high-count yarn strength is also sufficient. Therefore, only under the premise that the cotton is good enough, we can obtain high-count yarns, and only high-count yarns (the higher the count, the finer the yarns), can be spun into dense enough fabrics. The finer the fabric, the smoother the surface.

long-staple cotton hotel linen

cotton yarn count

Problem: 100-thread fabrics can be spun finer because the yarn is finer, and generally speaking, they will be smoother than 60-thread-count fabrics. But is this rule completely correct?


  1. No, for example, if the 60-count is made of higher quality cotton, the 60-count fabric may be smoother and more delicate than the 100-count. Let’s take a look at another very important, but always overlooked indicator - the micronaire value. Micronaire value describes the thickness and maturity of cotton fibers. The specific measurement method is to use an air flow meter to measure the air permeability of a constant weight of cotton fiber after being pressed into a fixed volume, and express it with the scale value. The larger the value, the thicker the cotton fiber and the higher the maturity. If the micronaire value is low, more clean noil will be produced, and the appearance of the yarn will deteriorate, but it can improve the yarn strength and spinnable count. Spinnable count, but reduces noil and improves yarn appearance. Generally, tender cotton is finer, but less strong because it is not mature enough. Older cotton is thicker, stronger and more mature. If there is cotton-like, after maturity, pay attention, after maturity, it still maintains a slender body, that is really a good choice. The Egyptian cotton mentioned by Kang Erxin, the highest quality giza45, has a micronaire value as low as 2.69, (generally the micronaire value is above 3.7), but it is due to the high maturity of other people, and the strength of cotton fibers is still high. So, what effect will the micronaire value have on spinning and weaving?

  2. Hotel collection bedding

2. If your cotton fibers are finer, the more cotton fibers are incorporated into the spun thread, the smoother the contact surface and the less friction. On the contrary, less fibers are incorporated, the friction of the contact surface is large, and the smoothness of the yarn is poor. The same is 80 yarns. If your raw materials are better, the more cotton fibers are incorporated, the smoother the yarn will be, even silky. If the cotton is poor, the spun thread will be rough. Come back to the beginning, if you find that the bedding of the five-star hotel is very smooth, you will like it very much. When checking out, you consulted the front desk and learned about the yarn count density of the bedding. Next, you bought a set of 80-count long-staple cotton sateen, washed it, and tried to sleep. Oh my god, it's gross. This is the difference in cotton quality. Good cotton products can really be as smooth as silk.

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