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How to Save The Cost of Disposable Items in The Hotel?

In the daily budget of hotel expenses, the expense of hotel disposable items has been paid more and more attention by many hotels step by step. Many hotels and guesthouses now provide disposable items, including disposable toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, towels, etc., to facilitate guests' stay and reduce the trouble of bringing toiletries during the journey. So, next, Hanbi Hotel Linen Wholesale Supplier will talk to you about how to save the cost of disposable items in the hotel!

For tourists, the emergence of disposable items in hotels has indeed brought them great convenience. Although the quality of disposable hotel supplies varies with different hotel levels, people don't seem to care, and they are happy to accept the hotel's "arrangement".

For customers, the hotel's disposable items do bring them benefits, but for the hotel, it undoubtedly increases operating costs, but if this service is canceled, it may bring a lot of trouble to the hotel's operations. Not only must reflect the service standard of "customer first", but also reduce operating costs. The only thing the hotel can do is to arrange the use of disposable products reasonably and minimize waste.

Как сделать?

1. It is necessary to formulate a strict application system for hotel disposable items and implement it to individuals. In many hotels, there may be a person in charge on each floor. It is advisable to manage the hotel's disposable items and distribute them to these people. In this way, the application work can be more standardized, and it is convenient for the person in charge of hotel material procurement to understand the accurate consumption of one-time materials, replenish the inventory in time, and prevent shortages.

2. Recycle unopened hotel disposables. Not everyone who stays in the hotel will use disposable items. Therefore, if the disposable items in some guest rooms are still unopened after the guests leave, the hotel should sort and recycle them and distribute them for use according to the packaging. Some unused toiletries after unpacking, such as soap, toothpaste, etc., should also be sorted and recycled to make the best use of them.

3. It is necessary to formulate a reward and punishment system. In order to reasonably control the use of disposable items in the hotel, the hotel must formulate a reward and punishment system. According to the occupancy status of each floor, the number of disposable items consumed is counted, and combined with the hotel’s monthly standard for each floor. If the allocated quantity is seriously exceeded, corresponding penalties shall be given, otherwise rewards shall be given.

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