Custom hotel bedding collection with custom services Manufacturer | Hanbi Textile
  • Custom hotel bedding collection with custom services Manufacturer | Hanbi Textile

Custom hotel bedding collection with custom services Manufacturer | Hanbi Textile

I'm a skin sensitive person, and I cannot use any inferior textile that is allergens. But this one is hypoallergenic, and I feel it's very comfortable to touch. - Our customers say.
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Over the years, Hanbi Textile has been offering customers high-quality products and efficient after-sales services with the aim of bringing unlimited benefits for them. hotel bedding collection Hanbi Textile is a comprehensive manufacturer and supplier of high-quality products and one-stop service. We will, as always, actively provide prompt services such. For more details about our hotel bedding collection and other products, just let us know.Assessment of quality will be conducted once Hanbi Textile is produced. It will be strictly checked on such parameters as fibers strength, water shrinkage, colorfastness, weaving strength, etc.

Hanbi product presentation

Down-Proof Fabric

300-thread count premium polyester-cotton blend for extrasoftness.

Premium Filling 

Filled with lofty, natural 20% down and 80% feathers.

Box Stitch Construction

Box stitch construction ensures even distribution of warmth

and coziness.

Down-Proof Fabric 

300-thread count premium polyester-cotton blend for extrasoftness

Duvet advantages

1、good thermal effect

The duvet has the characteristics of high warmth preservation, strong elasticity, high shagginess, and light, soft and soft. Duvet is made of goose, duck belly wool, this is animal protein fiber, insulation ability is very high, and very light and elastic, cover on the body is very comfortable, is the effect of cotton can not be reached.

2、use more comfortable

Duvets are breathable, dry, moisture-repellent and less prone to bunching than cotton quilts. Duvet air storage is relatively large, good temperature insulation, can keep the temperature of the body in the quilt, is not easy to be affected by the indoor temperature, which represents the general room can use the duvet, is not necessarily a very low temperature can be used, spring, autumn, winter three seasons can be used.


Duvets are very durable and easy to maintain. When using the duvet at ordinary times, as long as you pay attention not to be scratched by sharp objects, do not direct sunlight, and regularly put in a ventilated place to dry to maintain down performance. And it helps to calm you down, it helps you sleep and it helps you relax.

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