Custom hotel style luxury bath rug best supplier Manufacturer | Hanbi Textile
  • Custom hotel style luxury bath rug best supplier Manufacturer | Hanbi Textile

Custom hotel style luxury bath rug best supplier Manufacturer | Hanbi Textile

Discover the meticulous workmanship involved in the creation of Hanbi Textile products. Our expert techniques include desizing, mercerizing, singeing, and dying, all carefully executed to improve the overall quality of our textiles. (SEO keywords: workmanship, production, desizing, mercerizing, singeing, dying, textile performance, product)
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  • Set up years ago, Hanbi Textile is a professional manufacturer and also a supplier with strong capabilities in production, design, and R&D. hotel style luxury bath rug If you are interested in our new product hotel style luxury bath rug and others, welcome you to contact us.This product is shrinkage resistance. The mercerizing technique is conducted to change its fabric structure, while at the same time, a certain pressure is added to improve its fabric tension.

    Details of Hotel Floor Mats

    Selected high-quality long-staple cotton

    Star hotel series

    Long-staple cotton long terry floor mat

    Hanbi Hotel Towel Series

    Cotton is a gift from nature.

    Every cotton plant contains the gentleness of nature.

    Floor towel massive absorbent experience

    Plump terry / can quickly lock the water stains on the soles of the feet

    Keep your bedroom from getting wet

    Soft touch of hotel floor towels

    Taste buds remember taste, and skin remembers touch.

    Just like you can't forget the old taste of your childhood hometown

    You will also not forget that this fluffy bath towel is as soft as a hug against the skin.

    Durable and tough

    Long-lasting soft and fluffy,

    The yarn is more uniform and the fabric is more uniform

    No neps, more washable and more durable.


    Floor mats are woven

    Has a good anti-slip effect

    Peace of mind, comfortable experience


    No neps, no blemishes

    Smooth, comfortable and skin-friendly

    Wholesale hotel floor towel

    Hanbi Hotel Linen Supplier

    If you are interested in our products, you can contact us at any time!


    1. Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

    Both. We own our factory and our factory is big enough to meet bulk order and varity customized order. In order to expand our business, we have a professional team responsible for foreign trade.

    2. What are your strengths?

    I have a complete range of products, quality assurance. We accept OEM or ODM design for you.

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