disposable towels for spa at Wholesale Prices | Hanbi Textile

disposable towels for spa at Wholesale Prices | Hanbi Textile

Hanbi Textile meets the most stringent textile standards, ensuring top-notch quality. This brand's garments have been rigorously tested for wrinkle resistance, shrinkage rate, moisture absorption, and abrasion resistance, and all tests have been passed with flying colors. You can trust Hanbi Textile to provide clothing that is durable, comfortable, and naturally resistant to wear and tear.

How to identify the quality: 

1. see the hygroscopicity:

Is a towel you put it here we casually with water droplets, water immediately to the towel, no sliding, no spread bad towel, it form the water, not permeability, and the water slide down soon, 

we say this is not a good towel, because of its softness is too much, not hygroscopic.

2. See if the color of the towel has faded Pure cotton towel is generally dyed with reactive dyes, 

dye molecules and cellulose molecules covalent bond, so that the dye fixed on the fiber in the reaction process, a part of the dye and fiber combined, but also a part of the dye hydrolysis,

 adsorption on the fiber surface, but no covalent bond, easy to fall offWhen dyed dark towel, there are a lot of hydrolysis of dye adsorption on the fiber, it is difficult to wash, 

so first washing with decoloring phenomenon, this is unavoidable If first washing towel rub off more light color or dark towel washing still rub off many times, 

is the dye is unqualified or dyeing process caused by inaccurate, belongs to the unqualified products

Products Details

Over the years, Hanbi Textile has been offering customers high-quality products and efficient after-sales services with the aim of bringing unlimited benefits for them. disposable towels for spa We promise that we provide every customer with high-quality products including disposable towels for spa and comprehensive services. If you want to know more details, we are glad to tell you.Customers who have used this product for several years praise that it does not get pilling or fuzzy balls at all.

Product name: Disposable towel
material: plant fiber, non-woven fabric + wood pulp
weight :40g, 55g
Size: can be divided into face towel, bath towel ,custom
USES: wash face, bath, makeup, wipes and so on Both can be used as common towel, also can be used as paper towels.
Commonly used in travel hotel wash protect center, foot bath, SPA, hair salon massage parlors, maternal and infant use out beauty parlour, even household
packing: independent packing, cut pollution and avoid contact.
Small and convenient, does not occupy space, easy to carry
advantages: strong water absorption, durable, soft, no chips

Advantages: one we use disposable towels is because it is very convenient, now disposable towels are generally compressed towels, 

small, and very beautiful, especially suitable for travel to visit relatives and friends when carrying.

And good quality disposable towel because it is disposable, so protect the health of the human body, in the use of the time will not cause harm to the human skin

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