Hanbi Textile | factory Direct wholesale tablecloth with custom services
  • Hanbi Textile | factory Direct wholesale tablecloth with custom services

Hanbi Textile | factory Direct wholesale tablecloth with custom services

Hanbi Textile is committed to meeting all regulatory requirements for textile markets. Our wholesale tablecloth have undergone rigorous testing processes to ensure fiber strength, stiffness, weaving fineness, seam force and moisture permeability are all up to par. Trust in us to provide top-quality products that are both safe and functional.
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After years of solid and rapid development, Hanbi Textile has grown into one of the most professional and influential enterprises in China. wholesale tablecloth Having devoted a lot to product development and service quality improvement, we have established a high reputation in the markets. We promise to provide every customer throughout the world with prompt and professional service covering the pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services. No matter where you are or what business you are engaged in, we'd love to help you deal with any issue. If you want to know more details about our new product wholesale tablecloth or our company, feel free to contact us.Many of our customers praised that the product is highly resistant to washing and rubbing. What makes them surprised is that it keeps its color perfectly.

Compare the tablecloth of other materials, PVC tablecloth is no less than the general tablecloth. 

There are also many types of table cloth, such as ordinary cloth tablecloth, PVC tablecloth and so on. We're all familiar with cloth tablecloths, but wat about PVC tablecloths?

PVC table cloth is a new type of table cloth, its main raw material is soft polyvinyl chloride plastic, in the process of processing will also add a certain amount of plasticizer, lubricant, stabilizer, filler, etc., its essence and PVC plastic wrap is the same material. Compared with the general tablecloth, PVC soft glass tablecloth has some advantages that other tablecloth does not have, such as wear resistance, skid resistance, and so on.

PVC material is mainly made of polyvinyl chloride plastic, but due to the addition of softener, stabilizer and other additives, so it is not as hard as the general glass, but a kind of "soft glass" texture.

The surface of the PVC tablecloth is very smooth, with wear-resistant characteristics, a PVC tablecloth can be used repeatedly after many wipes. And the surface of the PVC tablecloth is smooth, not easy to dip oil stains, once there is oil stains on the surface of the PVC tablecloth, only need to dip a small amount of dishwashing detergent to wipe it clean, do not need to be cleaned as ordinary tablecloth.

In addition, PVC tablecloth is not only transparent, there are a variety of patterns and patterns, in addition to pastoral style table cloth and European style, simple style and other styles, with good decorative effect.


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