Oem & Odm pure cotton bed sheets from China | Hanbi Textile
  • Oem & Odm pure cotton bed sheets from China | Hanbi Textile

Oem & Odm pure cotton bed sheets from China | Hanbi Textile

Hanbi Textile is the outcome of state-of-the-art technology. It is manufactured under such technologies as 3D composite knitting, 3D weaving, and modern electrostatic nanometer mesh technology.
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Always striving toward excellence, Hanbi Textile has developed to be a market-driven and customer-oriented enterprise. We focus on strengthening the capabilities of scientific research and completing service businesses. We have set up a customer service department to better provide customers with prompt services including order tracking notice. pure cotton bed sheets We have professional employees who have years of experience in the industry. It is them that provides high-quality services for customers all over the world. If you have any questions about our new product pure cotton bed sheets or want to know more about our company, feel free to contact us. Our professionals would love to help you at any time.Recycling of the product provides both environmental and economic benefits. By reducing the burning of the fiber in the landfill, which contributes to lower the speed of global warming.

Product Details :

1. Fabric introduction

40S satin fabric: suitable for economy and chain hotels.

60S satin fabric: suitable for all seasons, Atour, Hilton, Sheraton, etc., 3-5 star mainstream hotels.

80S satin fabric: suitable for 5 star and above hotels.

The higher the weave of the fabric, the better the touch, the lighter and thinner, and the better the wear resistance. Therefore, high yarn weaving does not mean high thickness. The higher the yarn weaving, the higher the density and the lighter the fabric. In addition, the pure cotton products just bought home will be slightly harder. After washing in water, they will return to the original softness and comfort of pure cotton.

Satin fabric density can be customized according to the situation, can be customized: 40S / 60*40S / 60*60S / 60* 80S /80*80S / 80*100S / 80*120S

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2. Process introduction

1. The quilt cover and pillowcase are made of European-style flashing technology, the quilt cover is three-sided, and the pillowcase is designed with four-sided flashing.

2. The bottom of the quilt cover is open and flat, with a lace-up type, and the quilt cover has 8 quilt corner belts.

3. One centimeter 4-pin pins.

Can be customized according to the situation

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3. Variety of patterns are available for reference to meet all your customization needs

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4. Customized wholesale

  1. 1. The above specifications are general specifications for hotels and can be freely matched;

2. Embroidery and printing can be done at an additional cost;

3. Large-scale users can help you design the washing label individually;

4. The delivery cycle for general size is 2-7 days.

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