supreme bathrobe at Wholesale Prices | Hanbi Textile

supreme bathrobe at Wholesale Prices | Hanbi Textile

The product is very breathable, allowing air to move around freely and releasing moisture very fast, which keeps the bacteria and mildew away.

Gabardine bathrobes are very fashionable because they are good-looking, waterproof and can be chosen in a variety of colors on demand, which are not available in regular hotel bathrobes. Of course this bathrobe can not only use in hotel, you can also usa at home.

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  • Set up years ago, Hanbi Textile is a professional manufacturer and also a supplier with strong capabilities in production, design, and R&D. supreme bathrobe If you are interested in our new product supreme bathrobe and others, welcome you to contact us.The product has good dimensional stability. Through the heat setting process, the fiber inner stress is eliminated and physical and mechanical properties have been improved.

    Hello this is Julia from Hanbi textile Company

    Today I will introduce you a bathrobe. This bathrobe material is gabardine waterproof fabric.

    Now I will show you the waterproof feature. As you can see in the video, it's very waterproof.

    The gabardine material the most important feature is waterproof.

    Gabardine is a kind of waterproof wool fabric made of combed wool yarn. Currently, gabardine on the market is mainly produced from polyester fiber, cotton yarn and blended materials. It is a kind of twill fabric. It can be used in different seasons. To produce gabardine of different thicknesses, what are the characteristics of gabardine fabrics?

    What are the characteristics of gabardine fabrics?

    1. Gabardine has a smooth and delicate surface with clear lines. The fabric feels firm and wide. This fabric can be used to produce fabrics such as tooling, environmental protection clothing and tablecloths.

    2. Gabardine made of polyester fiber has strong strength and wear resistance, and the fabric is durable and washable. Therefore, most clothing manufacturers use gabardine to produce tooling.

    3. Different types of gabardine have different strengths in terms of moisture absorption and air permeability. The moisture absorption and air permeability of gabardine made of cotton yarn is much stronger than that of polyester fiber gabardine, so its price is naturally higher than that of chemical fiber gabardine. It will also have a more comfortable wearing experience after wearing it.

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