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How to clean the room odor?

Find the source of the musty smell

1. Focus on inspection

Room aunt in the room, pay attention to check the room, linen, toilet, wardrobe and other key areas, whether there is odor. If it exists, it should be reported immediately and dehumidified.

2. Find the source

Finding the source of the musty smell in the guest room is the key to removing the musty smell. In general, these locations in hotel rooms are most prone to musty smells.

Clean floor or linen that has not been replaced for a long time

Carpet is the main source of musty smell in many hotels, less frequent cleaning or longer use of carpets, it is easy to appear musty smell.

Wooden furniture in the room

When the air humidity is too high, the wood furniture in the room may absorb moisture, and there may be problems, especially in the corner or back where there is little contact

Water seepage on the wall causes poison

Room decoration often use wallpaper and other materials, once the roof, exterior wall, indoor seepage, these covers are very good to close the moisture, creating an excellent living environment for mildew

Remove mildew source 

Ground or linen

If the carpet or linen is moldy, it is necessary to find a professional washing manufacturer to deal with it, and determine whether to replace the carpet or linen according to the washing situation.

quality furniture

For wooden furniture such as wardrobes, wood floors, and drawers, wipe the moldy place with dry paper towels or dry brushes first, and then wipe with a special mold remover to remove the mold spots that have formed. During the cleaning process, pay attention to wearing plastic gloves and mouth.

Seepage treatment

After water seepage is found on the wall, it is necessary to find out the cause, check the waterproofing of various parts, and solve the phenomenon of aging and cracking of waterproof materials.

Regular guest room dehumidification

Even if the naked eye is removed, but in the plum rain season, continuous rain for several days, the air is humid, the change and odor in the guest room may still occur repeatedly, so it is important to do a good job of dehumidification regularly.

1. Get some sun

The linen in the hotel room, especially the bedding in the rainy weather, it is easy to feel wet, even if dried also a little strange taste.

After continuous use for a period of time, it is necessary to put the bedding fabric and stuffing in the sun or a ventilated place to dry, especially during the rainy season.

Drying in the sun can play a certain role in the sterilization and drying of bedding, making bedding soft and fluffy, and sleeping more "sunshine flavor".

2. Ventilation and dehumidification

The first step to clean the room is to open the window to ventilate, after cleaning, you also need to remember to close the doors and Windows. Note that the humidity of the air in the morning and evening is higher than that at noon, and if the door is not closed in time, the water vapor will seriously penetrate into every corner of the room. So open the window ventilation, noon time is the most appropriate

For the darkroom and other rooms, the fresh air system should be opened, timely ventilation, and the return air filter should be regularly cleaned and cleaned once to ensure that the air has no odor

3.air conditioning dehumidification

If the hotel is located in the area of long-term rain, the window ventilation effect may not be obvious, you can turn the independent air conditioning in the room into dehumidification mode, or open the fresh air system in time for ventilation.

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