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Taught you how to distinguish 100% cotton hotel towel and how to avoid towel shedding

Taught  you how to distinguish 100% cotton hotel towel and how to avoid towel shedding

Teach you three steps to identify pure cotton towels:

look: see the towel with the light, to see the colour and lustre of the towel, generally brightly towel is not cotton.
touch: cotton towel feels very soft, hard will not be cotton.
comb: comb the towel by hands to observe whether shedding, if a little shedding do not be disappointed, pure cotton towels are a little shedding, this is common. not shedding smooth towels are chemical fiber towels. Be careful of towels that feel very soft and slippery; nine out of ten are not pure cotton.

It doesn't matter if you don't know how to shop for towels and happen to buy one that has lost its fur. Tip two will help you solve the problem of shedding new towels. 

The method is very simple, first soak in salt water for half an hour, then you can use it for assured. 

Or you can put a towel in hot water, soak it for 20 seconds, quickly soak it in ice water for 10 seconds, take it out and wring it out, let it sit for a few days, then your towel will not shedding any more.

Before the towel is useless, rinse it with water at about 30℃. After washing it, squeeze out the water in the towel and put it into a net bag in the dewatering cylinder of the washing machine for dehydration. The dehydrated towel will be tiled on the shop table, avoid hanging burst sun; After the shade is dry, it can be used in the medium temperature (about 140℃) steam ironing smooth hot, iron and towel away from 0.5 to 1 cm distance, avoid by all means in the above.

Every time you wash your towel, soak it with gold spinning, or wash it with detergent, or wash it with shampoo. You can make your towel soft and not lose its hair. Secondly, change your towel regularly and air it in a ventilated place.

What are the common problems that towel quality is not up to standard?
In all sorts of supervise spot check, the unqualified rate of towel product is taller, unqualified project basically involves PH value, color fastness, depilate rate and bibious rate to wait.
The main reason is that manufacturers use cheap raw materials and dyeing and finishing AIDS in order to reduce costs. In addition, improper production process control has affected the quality of finished products.
Such as:

1. If the use of poor quality cotton fiber raw materials for spinning, yarn surface hairiness, fiber and other substances, used for towels, when used, it is very easy to fall, resulting in a high depilation rate;
2. In order to pursue the feel of the product, excessive softener is added in the post-finishing, which will cause poor water absorption and affect water absorption rate;
3. In the process of dyeing and finishing, dyes, softeners, fixing agents and other chemical additives will be used, but improper processing will affect the PH value.

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