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As we all know, hotel towels will be transported to the washing factory for soaking, disinfection and washing after use. Among them, the soaking process can best reflect whether a towel can withstand the test of fading. Today we will do a comparative evaluation of the color fading of two towels, and the answer will be revealed immediately.


Today we will use disinfectant to disinfect and soak these two types of printed towels. One is an ordinary printed towel and the other is our brand’s printed towel. Now we use disinfectant to dilute the two towels at the same time for an hour. After an hour, we could clearly see that the color of ordinary printed and dyed towels has faded, while our brand towels have withstood the test and are still as clean as new. 

A good hotel towel makes guests feel comfortable, intimate, and relaxed. This is especially true for our hotel,Several good ways to shop for hotel towel bath towels

1. First of all, look at the price and gram weight

As the saying goes, first-class price first-class goods, especially now the cotton price is particularly high in the case of low market price of a lot of towels must be inferior towels, and grams of weight, as long as it is lower than the stipulated weight of 3%, must be manufacturers in corners to reduce costs.

2. Whether the texture is pure cotton

We can tell from the raw materials of the hotel towel that the good towel manufacturers choose the first grade cotton refining, so that the towel durable, high whiteness, good feel, bright color, good water absorption.

3. Look at the edge of the bag

We need to pay attention to the details of the towel production, a good towel always has the characteristics of superiority, that we only need to pay attention to the edge of the towel is good neat, beautiful, its sign and towel joint hidden processing details are fine and so on these small details, but do not underestimate these small details, Fine workmanship towel will be more firm and durable.


1.May I visit your factory?
We will be very happy if you come to visit our factory and company office. If you come to visit please tell us and we will pick you up.
2.Where is your company located in?
Our company is located in Guangxi China. We will be very happy if you come to visit our factory and company office.
3.What is the terms of payment you accept?
we accept payment by T / T, with 30% of standard products as deposit and 50% of ordered products as deposit.


1.quickly delievery
2.Factory production capacity is very strong
3.Customized on demand
4.adequate stock

About Hanbi Textile

Hanbi company is a 20 years old five-star hotel room configuration solution provider. We provide one-stop hotel goods services. Our factory is located in Jiangsu China. We have a team of 5 senior experts and more than 20 professional service personnel. Our main products include hotel room bedding, hotel towel, bathrobe, restaurant linen, dining room furniture, disposable room washing supplies, hotel facilities and other hotel accessories. The company's products sell well at home and abroad in high-end hotels, clubs, properties, schools, etc.  We serving more than 4000 star hotels around the world. the hotel bed sheets are made of first-class long-staple cotton, durable and comfortable, the finished products are well-made, environmentally friendly and without stimulation. All products can be customized.

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