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The classification of hotel linen and the difference between home textile products

Linen is the general term for towels, tablecloths, sheets, pillowcases, etc. placed in rooms from the hotel room section. Hotel bedding generally refers to almost anything related to "fabric" in modern hotels, including bed linen such as duvets, cotton duvets, sheets and bedspreads, pillow cases & pillowcases, sheets & pillows, pillows & sheets, pillowcases, pillows square towels, bath towels, floor towels, bathrobes, etc.,  also include tablecloths, napkins, chair sets, table skirts, bath curtains, etc.    

                                                Hotel bedding set

Classification of linen    

1. Room linens    

Bedding, sheets, bed skirts, pillows, duvet covers, duvet covers, pillow cases, pillowcases, pillows, cushions, bed runner, towels, duvet covers, bedspreads, blanket, fitted sheet.

                Hotel bedding & Hotel sheet & Hotel quilt cover & Hotel pillow case

2. Linen catering    

Tablecloth , chair cover, dining mat, tray, table skirt, stage skirt, napkin, coaster;    

3. Bath linens    

Square towel, towel / face towel, bath towel, floor towel, bathrobe,  bath curtain, laundry bag, hairdryer bag, hood, sauna suit, beach towel.    

                                                              Hotel towel

4. Meeting linens    

Tablecloth , table skirt.   

5. Curtains    

Interior curtains, blackout curtains, outdoor curtains    

                                                          Hotel tablecloth

The difference between hotel linen and household linen    

Hotel linens pay attention to the control of the internal quality of the product In terms of quality, due to the need to adapt to frequent industrial washing, hotel linens pay more attention to the internal quality indicators of the product, such as quality deviation, fracture toughness, water absorption, color fastness to wash and durability Color fastness to scrubbing is one of the key indicators for use or not by hotels with star rating. Home textiles, on the other hand, focus mainly on appearance patterns and shades.    

                                                              Hotel bedding sets

Hotel linens have the following characteristics:    

1.Towel products have a relatively high square gram weight, more texture, better volume and water absorption.   


2.Color is mostly simple, the color tone is simpler than that of household fabrics and the pursuit of simplicity and atmosphere.    

3.Fabric products have a high number of threads, high density, finer production, superior softness and better comfort in contact with the skin. 


4.The filling quality of quilt pillows is high and pays attention to durability, environmental protection and dust control to ensure that sleep is free from pollution. 


5.The painting process is in accordance with the strict tests of the environmental protection index of the National Association of Tourism Hoteliers. The materials used are more sophisticated and more attention is paid to the environmental protection of the paints to ensure that the products that come in contact with the skin are not contaminated.    

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