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What is satin hotel linen ? Is softer the better?

Features of satin fabric

Satin weave products cost more than comparable ordinary twill weave products, the fabric density is higher, and the texture is thicker. However, the surface of the fabric is more smooth, delicate, smooth to the touch, good luster, bright color, good elasticity, tight texture, and is not easy to deform.  


Satin has a shiny and smooth appearance, looks like satin, is more comfortable, has the softest hand, is heavier than plain and cotton fabrics, and has strong wear resistance.  


High-end embroidery jacquard sets often use this kind of fabric, the color is simple and elegant, with exquisite patterns and exquisite embroidery, reflecting the perfect quality of high-end bedding.    

In terms of cost, micro-satin is basically the highest grade, and only long-staple cotton can be made, and it has high requirements for craftsmanship.    

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"Softness" is not the only criterion for judging the quality of bedding. Satin bedding itself is a high-density, high-density product. You can imagine that the same volume and high density would be relatively difficult of course. The assumption is that no auxiliary chemicals are used. If the satin bedding you purchased before was soft, there are several possibilities:    

  1. 1.The density of the bedding we bought before is lower than ours, so it will be naturally soft. Of course, when the density is somewhat too small, the satin weave cannot be made, so you have to keep your eyes open.    

2. Chemical additives are used. Auxiliary chemicals can help make bedding soft. Of course, after using chemical auxiliaries, you will inevitably wear out the life of the bedding. If you used external force to soften it, wouldn't you have to pay other prices?    

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How do you wash satin fabric?    

  1. 1.Satin fabric has good alkali resistance and heat resistance, so it can be washed with detergent. White clothes or satin fabric can also be washed at high temperature with strong alkaline detergent, which can bleach, but it is not suitable for chlorine bleaching.    

2. The satin fabric can not be soaked for a long time to prevent the fabric from fading and staining, remember to soak and wash it separately from other clothes to avoid the color of other clothes dyeing the satin fabric. If it is tight underwear, it should not be soaked in hot water to avoid sweat stains.   


3. After washing the satin fabric, do not wring it by hand to prevent the fabric from wrinkling. It can be dried in the sun, attention inside to outside.    

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