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After Washing, 100cm Fabric Become 95cm Is Normal, Why?

1. Cotton material    

Pure cotton fabric is made of fiber. When the fabric penetrates, water molecules will enter the cotton fiber, which will cause the fiber to expand. The longer the time in the water, the greater the shrinkage. Of course, this is only relevant, and it will not shrink endlessly.    

2. Fabric processing    

In the process of dyeing pure cotton fabrics, the fibers are stretched by a specific external force. After finishing this stretch will be temporarily in a "stable" state. When you soak in water for washing, the water will gradually weaken the connection between the fibers of the fiber, the friction on the surface of the fiber will decrease, the temporary "steady state" will be destroyed and the fiber will return to or approach the initial equilibrium state. In general, during the process of weaving, weaving, dyeing and finishing, it needs to be stretched several times and the rate of shrinkage of the fabric with higher tension is higher and vice versa.    

3. Fabric yarn weaving    

We should all know that cotton bed yarn can be roughly divided into 1288*68, 130*70/133*72/40 satin /60 satin /80 satin and so on, the higher the yarn fabric is also more high-grade, the fabric treatment is not the same (such as pre-shrinkage treatment or steam pre-shrinkage, eliminate the potential of fabric shrinkage in advance, After the pre-shrink processing, the cloth will not generally have a larger shrinkage). 

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4. Classification of fabrics    

Commonly used cotton hotel bedding can be roughly divided into four types: 4pcs of plain cotton bedding sets, 4pcs of combed cotton bedding sets, 4pcs of cotton mercerized bedding sets and 4pcs of sanding bedding sets. The usual rate of shrinkage can only depend on personal luck. In general, the products of good manufacturers can be guaranteed. Combed cotton and mercerized cotton are generally treated when they leave the factory and the problem is not big. As for rubbing, I can only say that the cheaper the shrinkage, the greater the shrinkage because it is the same? Cheap? Insufficient size and reduced steps after processing.    

5. The rate of shrinkage of cotton    

For products made of pure cotton fabric, the national standard shrinkage rate is: less than or equal to 5% (that is to say: 95 cm of 100 cm fabric is normal after washing).  When the quilt is dry, it is useless to stretch it. If your duvet cover is really much larger than the quilt core, the shrinkage is useless.    

6. The proper washing and maintenance of cotton    

Do not use hot water for washing, the water temperature should be controlled below 35 ° C, it should not be soaked in detergent for a long time and it should not be ironed at a temperature higher than 120 ° C and it should not be exposed to the sun or to dry. Proper washing and drying should pay attention to shade, use a flat layout or use a garden stick type drying rack and washing is best done by hand.    

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7. Epilogue    

Objectively, all cotton fabrics have a problem of shrinkage and fading, the key is the finish. As a result, the fabrics of general household fabrics have been pre-shrunk. However, pre-shrinkage does not mean that there is no shrinkage, but it does mean that the shrinkage rate is controlled within the national 3% -4 %% standard.    

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