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Composite cotton is a kind of fabric made by overlapping multiple fabrics, not necessarily all cotton fabrics. For example, the thermal underwear we wear, the fabric used to make thermal underwear is called composite cotton. It is composed of fabric, gall material and lining, and the gall material is made of two layers of short fiber layers sandwiched between two layers of elastic non-woven film through needle punching. The pure cotton fabric is made of cotton as the raw material, through the loom, the warp and weft yarns are interwoven vertically and horizontally.

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What is the difference between composite cotton and pure cotton

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1. Composite cotton: , is a blend, relative to pure cotton. It is a blend of polyester and cotton, which is easier to pilling than fine shuttle cotton. However, because of the polyester component, the fabric is relatively pure cotton. Soft and not easy to wrinkle.

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2. Pure cotton: It is a fabric with good comfort, soft hand feel and strong sweat absorption. Washed cotton is made of cotton, and after special treatment, the surface tone and luster of the fabric are softer, the hand feel is softer, and it is slightly There is a sense of old material in the wrinkle. This kind of clothing has the advantages of not being deformed, not fading, and free of ironing. The surface of the better washed cotton cloth has a uniform layer of plush, which is unique in style.

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According to the style and performance of clothing, the ingredients in the choice of fabrics will be different. It cannot be said which one is good or which one is not good. For example, the composition of chiffon fabrics is mostly polyester, but it is also very popular, because The fabric is smooth and has a feeling of falling, and it has a ladylike temperament to wear. Most of the T-shirts are made of cotton, and a lot of other ingredients are added in it, just to make it comfortable to wear, as well as glossy and elastic. Therefore, each fabric has its function and difference, and it depends on what style you like to choose.

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