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Hotel linen suppliers tell you: Standards, plans, and programs for hotel housekeeping to clean public health


Hotel lobby area    

Operating procedure:  


  1. 1.The principle of cleaning the hallway is: based on regular night operations, daily cleaning is carried out during the day.    

2. Regularly clean, polish and wax the lobby floor at night during operation, according to the hotel occupancy rate, try to avoid peak occupancy, there are signs or fences in the wax area to remind guests to prevent slipping. 


3. Daily cleaning requires you to flick the floor at any time every day. Other parts of the hallway, such as glass, cylinders, walls, worktops, sofas, chairs, handrails, vertical smoke buckets, trim, and green plants should be cleaned often and maintained.    

4. During the operation, according to the actual situation, properly avoid the areas where guests and guests gather, and make up after the guests are separated; Areas where guests enter and leave frequently and are easily soiled should focus on wiping and increasing the frequency of cleaning. 


5. On rainy or snowy days, a "slide carefully" sign should be placed at the entrance and exit of the lobby, to remind the front office to place umbrellas, cover them with waterproof pads, and increase the number of cleaning times to prevent guests from slipping or pouring rainwater. Enter the lobby.    

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Hygiene and cleaning standards:    

  1. Keep the marble floor free of footprints, stains, cigarette butts, phlegm, water and rubbish.    

2. Other parts of the hallway, such as cylinders, walls, worktops, railings, chairs, sofas, etc., should be kept bright, clean and dust-free.    

3. The glass, curtain walls and glass doors in the hall are free from fingerprints and dust, and are kept clean, bright and intact.    

4. Vertical cigarette barrels and ashtrays in the hallway should be kept clean, without cigarette butts and phlegm.    

5. The water curtain pool is cleaned regularly to keep the pool clean and clear without litter.    

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2. Public toilet    

This area is located on the first and second floors of the main building of the hotel, it belongs to the guest toilet. Since the hotel does not have a dedicated staff toilet at the moment, and the guest toilet is also used by the internal staff, the workload has increased PA staff. Cleaning i.e. focus on cleaning once in the morning, in the middle, commuting to and from work, and cleaning anytime during other periods. The specific processes and standards are as follows:   


Operating procedure:    

  1. 1. Clean up all the trash in the bathroom, clean the floor debris, replace the trash bags, and clean the ashtray.    

2. Wash the sink, faucet, mirror, countertop, and toilet with detergent.    

3. Wipe the wet floor with the mop and dry it with a dry cloth to keep the floor dry and clean.    

4. Equipped with rolled paper, toilet paper and hand sanitizer.    

5. Check the integrity of facilities and equipment, and report repairs if any problems are found.    

6. Spray an appropriate amount of air freshener to keep the air in the bathroom clean and free of foreign odors.    

7. Complete the daily scheduled cleaning (completed by the middle of the daily shift) and clean at any time.    

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