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What is the development direction of the hotel industry in the post-epidemic era


Customer Service: Focus on the customer's core needs, deduct from the scope of service and add quality of service    

Return to your core needs. No matter how the customer's needs for the hotel change, the core needs remain the same. That is, hotel location, bed comfort, surrounding catering, hotel environment, and other core elements. If you manage your core services well, you will be able to understand your core customer base, and at the same time, it will put a heavy burden on the operating costs of the hotel itself.   


Today, some hotels have made corresponding changes, primarily offering bed and breakfast services, reducing some or all services of non-essential facilities such as gyms, swimming pools, children's playgrounds and gardens. I am. Reduce costs, provide simple and sophisticated services, highlight "small but professional" hotel service model, and good guest core needs for the "accommodation" itself, which is gradually gaining customer support Concentrate resources to meet.    

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Operations management: Quantify operational capabilities using clear management indicators to improve the sophisticated level of management of the hotel    

In a situation where the profitability of a hotel is relatively weak, it is necessary to focus on the operation analysis of the hotel and the effect of implementing the profit strategy, and continue to focus on the operation through the evaluation and evaluation of the main indicators. Analysis, revenue strategy development, strategy implementation, effect feedback, and strategy revisions to improve the sophisticated level of management of the hotel.    

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Profitability: Focus on OTA channels and expand new revenue streams    

In the Internet age, OTA (Online Travel Agency) has become an important way for hotels to expand their customer base. To get the most orders from your OTA channel, you need to ensure traffic and conversion rates.    

The impact of the epidemic on the hotel's business remains significant, so new sources of revenue must be proactively planned, and long-term planning and preparation should be made in preparation for the epidemic's changes in the revenue structure. In the short term, pay attention to local and surrounding tourists, personal leisure and vacation scenarios, catering income sectors, balance hotel room income with non-accommodation income such as catering, and take it home. Group purchase, other methods.    

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Service model: Build an elegant, warm and compassionate "Hotel +" ecology and provide services including content    

Due to the growing personalized consumer demand of customers, the diversification of hotel formats is inevitable under new common sense. Today, the hotel industry is evolving through the integration of formats such as technology, art, culture and scenic spots, and the building of unique themes. 

Based on the story of the hotel's space and time dimensions, it transplants technology and art elements to create a large, audible and tactile interactive environment, creating an environmentally friendly and humane service atmosphere and managing it. I will do it. By highly integrating the environment and culture of the hotel and its surroundings, sharing facilities with other formats, and collecting resources in multiple formats, we provide our customers with unique services with unique appeal.    

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